3 Steps to a Headstand

There is no shortcut when it comes to more advanced inversions. But, there is one simple rule: practice. You've probably heard that same advice many times and got tired of it. It's simpler said than done. The truth is that dedicated practice does come with results, both big and small. Practice these 3 steps to a headstand daily or at least few times a week to see results. Assistance from a certified yoga teacher is recommended if you have neck injuries or if you don’t want to try it alone.

Three Steps to a Headstand

The first step is to build your base for the pose and check your alignment. After you are comfortable with a strong base, kick up against a wall so that you can feel what happens. Start learning how to fall down. It will be really scary to fall on purpose at first, but make sure that you land on something soft, like a mattress, sand, or grass. Kick up and after your first fall, you will be much more confident to raise back into the pose again, activating your core to maintain the headstand.

The last step is to lift both legs at the same time. The reason why this step is important is because that way, you are really using your core muscles and the strength in your shoulders to lift your legs up, rather than the speed that you get from kicking up one leg up at a time. It’s okay to lift one leg up at a time but if you want to build stability in the pose, you will achieve it faster by practicing lifting both legs up at the same time.

Good luck with your headstands!

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