Hi everyone,

This Monday, 15. May 2017 I started my challenge: no industrial sugar for 30 days.


There are a few reasons, why I do this challenge. So let’s start with my ‘why’.

  1. I want to give my body a little break

Sugar can have many negative effects on the human body, such as:

  • Tiredness

  • Listlessness,

  • Depression,

  • Lack of energy,

  • Caries,

  • Bad sleeps,

  • Lack of concentration,

And an over-use of sugar in the long term can lead to:

  • Overweight,

  • Diabetes,

  • Osteoporosis,

  • Cardiovascular diseases,

This doesn’t mean you can’t/shouldn’t enjoy a piece of cake or some chocolate.

But: the dose makes the poison!!

For many people the problem is, that they don’t realise, that in many many foods there is a lot of ‘hidden sugar’ and if you don’t read the label of foods or don’t know much about the processing of food, you might never now.

Some foods, that contain a lot of sugar and you might not expect it:

  • Toast bread,

  • Many sauces (ketchup, barbecue, …)

  • Salad dressings,

  • Ready-made smoothies/fruit juices,

  • Fruit yoghurt,

  • Alcoholic beverages,

  • Many pre-made foods,

  1. I am excited to see, how my body will react and maybe change. Maybe/Hopefully my skin will get better or I will have more energy – I will keep you updated!

  2. It is a challenge, which means there will probably be a point throughout these 30 days, where I’d like to eat some sugar. I think, that pushing through the desire of indulging will also make me a little stronger mentally. Whenever I set myself a goal (whatever it is, doing a certain really intense workout, …) I always stick to it, even if it is hard. I am sure that this mindset will help me.

  3. Not the reason I do this challenge, but possibly a positive extra: maybe I can lose a little bit of weight by leaving out sugar, eating balanced and pushing myself while working out.


  • No sugar

  • No sugar substitutes

  • Some sugar through fruit is okay, but not too much (even though some fruit is healthy, there is still sugar in it!!)

  • No sugary drinks of alcohol (this won’t be hard for me, all I drink is water and sometimes coffee – this is just what I like best)

My current diet:

I would describe my diet as healthy with a sweet tooth.

In our family, we all eat quite healthy. A huge reason for this is probably, that this is what we grew up with. A big bowl of veggies and a fruit salad as a dessert was always normal for me. My mom is a dietician, so I can be thankful that I have experienced a healthy diet since I am little. She knows a lot about food, but for sure isn’t a fan of restriction. In her opinion it is important to have a balanced diet, eating a lot of veggies, cooking regional/seasonal and at home. But she also says that it is totally okay to enjoy some sweets – maybe a piece of cake to your coffee. I 100% agree on this, because when you don’t restrict yourself of anything, you won’t binge.

I always try to eat a lot of vegetables. When I eat bread or pasta I nearly always have whole grain products. (my mom makes her own whole grain bread – it’s the best). I basically never eat out. Which I actually like, because many restaurants cook very fatty, which I don’t like. Healthy fats are important, so whenever I cook I use some good oils or add some nuts to my salad. When I want some dessert I usually reach for fruit (I absolutely love ice-cream 😉 ), but when we have some homemade cake at home I will also enjoy a piece of it when I feel like having some. – not the next few weeks through. 😊

And really important: Drinking enough water. I always have a bottle with me, wherever I go. This is really helpful because you take sip after sip and don’t even recognize, how much you already drunk – that’s great!

I hope this gave you a little insight to my diet and reasons behind this challenge – let’s see, how the challenge goes.

On my PumpUp page (@theresa_98) I will post regularly on how I feel, what I eat, etc.

After the 30 days (and maybe once In the middle) I will write another post on how I feel, what changes I noticed.

If you have any questions – just let me know, I am happy to answering them! 😊

Keep on your amazing work and let’s all continue motivate each other on PumpUp! 😊



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