30 DAYS; NO SUGAR – How did it go?

30 days no refined sugar – 14 days no sugar at all (I also cut out fruit). How did this "experiment" go? How did I feel? Was it really hard?

Overall Throwback

As a little reminder (I wrote a blog post a while back explaining the whole challenge) – Rules: 

  • No sugar
  • No sugar substitutes
  • Some sugar through fruit is okay, but not too much (even though some fruit is healthy, there is still sugar in it!!)
  • No sugary drinks of alcohol (this won’t be hard for me, all I drink is water and sometimes coffee – this is just what I like best)

The first 2 weeks I didn’t consume any refined sugar, but I had some fruit in moderation. Beforehand I thought that this shouldn’t be that big of a problem because I like to switch out ‘common desserts’ with some fruit anyways. It surprisingly was even easier than expected. From day 1 – day 14 there were probably 2 situations where I wished to eat something I couldn’t. 

After day 14 I really didn’t feel that much of a change and I decided to also leave out fruit (generally I really don’t like to be restrictive).

The following two weeks were way harder than the 1st two. I really missed having a piece of fruit with my yoghurt or making some nicecream on a really hot day. Especially the last few days I really wanted to have fruit again because all our homegrown berries got ripe.

At day 29 and 30 I had a tiny bit of fruit again to in cooperate it back into my diet slowly. 

One thing that probably made the challenge easier for me was my kind of mindset. 

When I set a goal/want to achieve something/.. (no matter what part of life) I am more than okay with doing what needs to be done. I just don’t see the point behind setting a goal and then just giving up/stopping when it gets slightly harder.

Which changes did I notice?

Overall I really didn’t see that many changes, but I think that is because on a regular basis I don’t eat that much sugar anyways. The changes I recognized:

  • Falling asleep – I think that I fell asleep a little faster (I am not entirely sure if it was because of not eating sugar or because I was sleepy because of all the studying (A-Levels were coming up) during the end of the challenge)
  • Bloating – Bloating definitely got less. Especially after cutting out fruit (I expected that beforehand & it was the main reason for me to also cut out all fruit (some people have slight intolerances and if you cut that certain food/food group for about 2 weeks your stomach can regenerate – by slowly in cooperating it back into your diet you most likely have no/less problems)).
  • After 3 weeks I felt like I was about to feels more changes but I got sick a few days later so sadly I can’t tell you exactly what would have changed..

Would I do it again?

Not like this. 

I am not a restrictive person because in my opinion we should enjoy life!!! Sometimes this means working out because you love it, other times it means spending time with loved ones and sometimes you just gotta eats that piece of cake. 😉

But I would (already did) do some modified days like these 30 days. (maybe this is a great idea for you, if you feel like 30 days without sugar is a little too much)

Some examples:

  • A day/week without sugar
  • No sugary drinks
  • Not bought candy
  • One piece of homemade cake every day/2 days/week/.. is okay

Be creative!!

If you have any questions of ideas for future challenges, please let me know! 😊

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