Garrett Gottlieb

Mindful May: 5 Wellness Trends You Need to Try

Garrett Gottlieb
Mindful May: 5 Wellness Trends You Need to Try

Wellness fads come and go, changing each and every year. In 2019, the trends seem to be shifting in a new direction with a heavy focus on natural products and new technologies targeted towards those living a fast-paced lifestyle. Here are some of 2019’s most popular trends!



This year you may have noticed collagen marketed as the “fountain of youth” for women. Many people have started using collagen powder in their morning coffee, smoothies, and even water. Collagen is a natural protein found in your body but after the age of 25, you begin to gradually produce less and less of it. This protein is meant to boost skin’s elasticity (bye-bye wrinkles), promote stronger nails, and reduce your joint pain. Some studies have shown promise that this works, but there’s definitely more research needed to prove just how effective its benefits are.



CBD has recently taken over the market as a self-proclaimed “cure-all” remedy. In countries where it’s legal, it seems like there are signs on every street corner advertising the sale of CBD oil. Even many beauty products contain CBD now. To be clear, CBD does not get you high but it is advertised to help with anxiety, pain, and it contains anti-inflammatory properties. It is quite expensive and there isn’t a ton of science behind it, but many people swear by it. Be on the lookout, as you’re likely to see more and more of it in upcoming products.

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Home Workouts

Taking the time out of your day to go to the gym around your work, school, or family schedule can become more of a chore than something you actually enjoy doing. These factors, along with many others, has led many to prefer at-home workouts over signing up for gym memberships. Streaming services, such as our PumpUp app, gives you the convenience of getting in a quick, but effective workout right at home. This makes people feel less threatened to exercise and makes getting healthy easier.


Oat Milk

Since last year, dairy milk sales have dropped roughly $1.1 billion in sales due to the increase in preference for non-dairy alternatives. These alternatives have grown in popularity for various reasons, but especially for the purpose of bettering our planet in 2019. It takes an estimated three times the greenhouse gas to produce dairy products compared to plant-based milk. Many of us are familiar with soy and almond milk, however, oat milk has become exceptionally popular in 2019 for its various benefits, such as increasing your dairy and fibre intake and the great taste it has!



With an increased desire for easy accessibility of products, it’s no surprise that technology has adapted to include our wellness needs under its enormous umbrella. With more telemedicine companies popping up, we’re able to order our prescriptions directly online to our doorstep, easily and quickly. You can order kits to test your hormone levels, prescription skin care products, meal-prepping kits, and even your birth control pills all right online. This change in technology is changing healthcare as a whole, making products more accessible while decreasing costly doctor’s visits.