7 Tips For Your Best #NoExcusesNovember (And Beyond!)

7 Tips For Your Best #NoExcusesNovember (And Beyond!)

The summer is over and you are no longer at the beach (unless you are in the Southern Hemisphere, that is). It's #NoExcusesNovember (and almost #HealthyHolidays). You wake up to cold mornings and don't want to get out of those warm blankets. It's time for comfort food and drinks, holiday parties and traveling. How can you stay motivated for a healthy, active lifestyle?

1) Keep track of your goals. What are they, regarding your health? Write them down. Remind yourself of how good it feels to take care of yourself properly.

2) Make a schedule. Whether you're a student or a working full time, a stay at home mom or dad, you can find 15-60 minutes in your day if you write out your schedule. Plan when you're going to workout, or take a walk, or do some stretching. Reward yourself for sticking to your plan by giving yourself points towards a small gift for yourself, perhaps some new gym wear or makeup.

3) Prep meals. They can be simple or complex, whatever floats your boat. Having healthy food available to you always makes being on track easier.

4) Keep healthy snacks around and boot the rest. Fruit and veggies, yogurt, cheese, protein bars, nuts, should always have a place on your counter or in your cupboard.

5) Follow people who inspire you on social media. Watch workout videos on YouTube.

6) At parties, use a smaller plate. Choose the healthier options, the whole foods and stay away from the processed ones. Or indulge, but in between parties stick to healthy, clean prepped meals so it's not a constant intake of the less helpful foods.

7) Wake up, step out of bed, and bang out a quick set of jumping jacks, burpees, push ups, and sit ups. Getting active right away always helps the right mindset enter for the day ahead.


I hope some of these tips help you keep hitting your goals. For me, as a mama, I make many excuses to myself not to workout or eat healthy, but these are some of the things that keep me moving on the right track and I wanted to share them with others! Good luck! 

This feature was written by #TeamPumpUp member @bodysoulspiritfitness. For more active living inspiration this month (and beyond!), follow her on PumpUp!