How Zuzanna Transformed Her Complexion in One Year

There was a time when Zuzanna's health wasn't one of her top priorities. "I decided to change my lifestyle after a routine medical appointment," she remembered. "My doctor told me [that] I had to lose weight. I knew I was not slim, but I saw [heavier] people than me, so I didn't care about my health."  Though Zuzanna only ate two servings of food a day, the composition of her meals took a toll on her health. "I ate lots of sweets, fatty meals, and my favorite dish was pizza," she shared. "I only exercised during Phys Ed. [Apart from that], I didn't work out."

In February 2015, Zuzanna learned about PumpUp after tirelessly searching for motivation to change her health for the better. "I'm really happy that I decided to step up, and I believe that PumpUp absolutely helped me change my attitude toward my lifestyle," she gushed.  "Now, exercise is pleasure for me. I admit that PumpUp showed me many people who are unusually persistent. They always give me support, even though I don't know them personally. I think it's a big advantage that everyone can learn something from other people around the world."

Preferring carrots over candy bars, Zuzanna's taste preferences are completely different. "I really care what I eat," she started. "I don't eat sweets at all. Honestly, I am not [one] to eat cakes, cookies, chocolate etc. My fridge is different too. When I open my refrigerator, I see only vegetables, fruits, curd, natural yogurt and other healthy foods. My shelves in the kitchen are also full of whole grain pasta, bread, and seeds." In Zuzanna's opinion, her grocery shopping habits drastically influenced her diet. "I began to read labels, and I choose only natural foods without preservatives," she shared. "I believe that breakfast is the most important meal during the day, so I often eat oatmeal (and I think I'm addicted)!"  Rather than two meals a day, Zuzanna eats five small meals. She drinks water, limits her alcohol intake, and she runs, swims, bikes, and does crunches and planks every morning. 

Over the last year, Zuzanna lost 15 kilograms (33 lbs). "I also noticed progress in my energy and complexion," she revealed. "Before, I had lots of acne, but now, my face is smooth and natural." She hopes to maintain her progress and healthy lifestyle moving forward. "I hope that, due to using PumpUp, I will always be fit and I'll achieve a goal and be happy about my life. I'm sure that PumpUp will help me reach my goal." 

Though the mental aspect of Zuzanna's fitness journey was the toughest part, motivation from other PumpUp community members helped her stay focused. "I thought that I couldn't do it - [especially] at the beginning, when I didn't see big results," she remembered. "I saw pictures of the PumpUp family - how people reach their goals. But I stagnated I didn't believe in myself. Then, I realized that slow progress is better than no progress."

Zuzanna's Greatest Source of Motivation
"It's the sentence, 'Never Give Up'. I don't have one particular person who gives me motivation, because the PumpUp family is very large, so each member encourages me to [get moving]."

Zuzanna's Favorite Workout

"My favourite workout is running. I didn't like it [at first] because I was quickly exhausted. I learned to slowly run longer distances, and I was surprised by how running can be pleasurable.I like running because it is an easy and cheap sport. When I run, I feel free because I can go whenever I want."

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