How Rebecca Builds Real Confidence

Meet PumpUp Partner @becpeachy. We’re motivated by Rebecca’s well-rounded approach to wellness. Her goal is to not only get physically stronger, but mentally stronger as well. “When I first started my fitness journey I was in a bad place suffering terribly with my mental health,” she says.

Rebecca started exercising and eating better in order to to gain back control of her life. Making strides with physical changes helped Rebecca find confidence in herself again. “Fitness gave me the push I needed to seek professional help, and recently I have been having therapy for my anxiety. I feel that the benefits I'm gaining are really helping me towards getting back on track.”

Rebecca’s current fitness goal is to to get outside for a daily walk by herself. “Going for a walk daily alone is helping me gain confidence and independence back. I make time for it by putting it into my daily to-do list.” What makes Rebecca feel most confident is setting goals and reaching them. “I've gained so much confidence from reaching both my physical and mental goals,” she shares. “Focus on making small achievable daily goals and soon you will see them all adding up and the progress you have made.”

For this month’s #OnTheGo October, Rebecca is a great inspiration for how to live a balanced life. Her best advice for new members in the PumpUp community? “Don't be shy and never be embarrassed! PumpUp is full of people at all stages of fitness. I have never come across a more supportive community. If you have any questions just ask, there's always someone happy to help.”

Be sure to check out Rebecca’s 3 favourite people to follow on PumpUp, to inspire your own journey! She recommends:

@limitlesstyle - “I love how positive she is whenever she posts it gives me a boost for the day and keeps me focused on my goals.”

@rayjewan - “He not only obviously works hard on physically been as good as he can be but has always been a great support for myself and the PumpUp community”

@kaduizm - “She has overcome a lot and has come such a long way I love her attitude towards life.”


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