How Nigel Built her Healthy Lifestyle from Scratch

Meet #TeamPumpUp member Nigel. Nigel's been part of our community for over a year, and in that time she's inspired thousands of people across the world with her positivity. Nigel is currently working towards her Hatha Yoga teaching certification in Hong Kong. Read more about her story here:

PumpUp Name: @nigfitnesschanel
PumpUp Member Since: May '16
Current Location: Hong Kong
Favourite Workout Song: Good Life by G-Eazy & Kehlani
Mantra: "It's a lifestyle not a diet." "Never say never." "Be stronger than your excuses."

Who are your top 3 favorite people to follow on PumpUp? What do you admire most about them?

@oguzs: He updates his posts all the time and I really like that how he keeps up with his lifestyle, staying positive and always leaving supportive comments!

@oo_naaa: I am not sure how long has she been on this app, but I have looked at the pictures she had uploaded before and compare them to the post she posts now, she had made a very long way!

@cynthiasiaa: She is very positive and cheers up other people in the community!


What advice would you share with someone who’s looking to keep motivated?

I would say that the first step is always the hardest, but once you took that first step, you will be so grateful that you did. Results might not come easy, but same thing, when you see it, you will know everything that you have done is worth it! Also, don't stop when you see results, always keep it going and start something more advance for your next goal! It's never too late.

What's your favorite way to keep active?

My favorite way to keep going and keep being active is that I make everything into a lifestyle instead of a diet that you have to follow, and eventually it becomes part of your life and it becomes a routine, then you will start enjoying it without noticing it.


What is a fitness or health goal that you're most proud of?

I am very proud of the new look and shape of my body, it makes you love yourself even more, but this is not what I am proud of myself the most... The thing I am most proud of myself is that I used to be a person that does not do any sort of exercise, but now exercise has become part of my life and staying healthy has made me a better person and view of life has become positive.


What's your favourite thing about PumpUp? How has PumpUp helped you reach your fitness goals?

My most favorite thing about PumpUp is that there are so many people that are on there that loves exercising, staying healthy and a lot of information about basically anything that are related to sports and health. I also love how everyone are so positive and cheerful and open to each other! For example, sometimes when I get really exhausted during a workout or don't even want to start, I open the app and realize there are lot of people are actually doing the same thing or feel the same, so then I wouldn't feel alone anymore. I feel like i should keep up my hard work and move on forward with everyone else around world! When make post, there are so many people would leave comment for you and has a lot of positive comments which reinforce your will and your mind!

What makes you feel the most confident?

What makes me feel most confident is that I was never a person that does any exercise and was never interested in any of this type of activities, but ever since I have decided to stay healthy I have done quite of bit of research about sports or staying healthy or what to eat, things like that. So I would say the I am very proud of myself that I have become a better person and a healthier person now. Also I am very confident in my yoga training, because most of the time whenever I learn a new pose or need to understand the background of yoga, I feel that I am very connected with it and easy grasp the beliefs and the meaning behind it. I am most confident in who I have become now.


What’s your post-workout fuel?

Usually when I finished working out, first thing I do is that drink a giant bottle of water, then sometimes I would choose a cucumber chicken sandwich with no sauce, just small amount of salt and pepper, other times I would choose a salad like chicken breast salad or a salmon salad with some olive oil and pepper with a boiled egg ( boiled egg is optional tho, sometimes I don't want to have one.)


What advice would you give to someone new to the PumpUp community?

If you are new to with the community, first thing you should know that is there is no need or don't be scared to post anything, because everyone on here are so positive and awesome! everyone will become kinda like your working out buddies and stuff. Even though they are far, but you would feel so close to each other because everyone in this community are working towards basically the same goal! Don't be afraid to post anything!

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