How Catherine Found Confidence Through Fitness

In her freshman year of University, Catherine experienced various highs and lows with respect to her fitness. Almost 8 months ago, I was living one of the worst periods of my life,” she admitted. “I didn’t know what I really wanted to do, and things weren’t going very well in the relationship I was in. I stopped going to school, and obviously stopped going to the gym.” Things took a turn for the worse; Catherine would stay at home all day, eating chips and watching Netflix. “One day, I had enough,” she remembered. “I looked at myself in the mirror and realized that I needed to get my life back together. I needed to be me again."

Gradually, Catherine got back on track. In April 2016, she downloaded PumpUp to help her reach her health goals. “I had just started my journey and I needed motivation and support from others that were going through the same things as I was,” she remembered. “With PumpUp, I hope to [be in] the best shape of my life and, while doing so, inspire other people by my journey.”

Catherine takes monthly progress pictures and she shares them with the PumpUp community to keep herself accountable. “For a long time, I was never happy with my body and I had a huge lack of confidence,” she revealed. “I never really thought that I was pretty, and I felt disgusting. Sometimes, but not often, I still feel like that. When I have one of those moments, I look at myself in the mirror and I remember my physical and mental progress. I laugh a little, and everything gets back to normal. Having a more active lifestyle gave me the confidence that I needed. I feel better in every way and I would never go back to living a sedentary life.” 

Habitual changes helped Catherine transform her physical and mental health.  She ate less restaurant food and started to eat breakfast, which was something that she skipped before she started her fitness journey. “I thought that if I ate less, I’d lose weight,” she confessed. “I started drinking water all the time, I stopped eating a lot of sugar, and I tried my best to stop eating chips.” In terms of her exercise habits, Catherine strives to work out at least 5 times a week. “When I’m not going to the gym, I feel like there’s something missing in my day,” she said. “Now that school starts, I’m going to the gym in the morning before class starts."

Catherine’s current lifestyle isn’t without obstacles, but she now has the confidence to face them head-on, without hindering her progress. “A few weeks ago, I had problems with my shoulders and knees,” she described. “In every single exercise I was doing, I felt discomfort. I bought a few books and tried to overcome the problem by myself, but eventually consulted my osteopath. I am still in the process of healing, but I’m feeling better already.” She is most motivated by everything she has achieved with the help of the PumpUp community. “When I look at what I accomplished, I feel so proud of myself,” she gushed. “It gets me going because I know I can do anything!"


Catherine’s Advice

“Set clear objectives and, if possible, find a friend to accompany you in your journey. Change your workout program as often as you can, so that your motivation never goes away.” 

Catherine’s Favourite Exercise

“I enjoy almost every exercise I do while I’m at the gym, but what I prefer to do to stay active is to walk everywhere I go. Walking is my main way of going from one place to another."

More about Catherine

"I just can't live through a day without listening to music. I do almost everything with my music on. If there is no music while I'm in the shower, I just sing along and make my own party. Music is life. It makes me happy!"

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