Celebration Yoga with Dee Buryk

Have you ever experienced one of those serendipitous moments where an idea, word, or person comes to mind and then miraculously seems to appear everywhere in your life for the next few days? I.E You learn about a kind of superfood called shisandra berry and then you happen upon a street called Shisandra Avenue, while the tea you ordered had that very shisandra ingredient in it. These kind of miraculous events are actually called the Baader-Meinhoff Phenomenom. They are not quite as crazy as we think but are actually our own brain patterns that inflate our focus on a particular thing (ie. The shisandra berry). Stimulated by these synchronized patterns, the value of that coincidental experience becomes amplified. Guess what else we can amplify? The miracles occurring in our life right now! The more we can focus on what we have, the more frequent those positive vibes expand and more magnetic we are to the magnificent. Shift your focus and things will shift with you.

And what better way to make magic happen then to celebrate being surrounded by an incredible community. Let your hair loose, fill your soul with good people, shake, pulse, stretch, love and laugh through the light of a fun yoga session at lululemon's gorgeous new The Attic space. The only holiday hangover you will have is one of laughter and a breathtaking practice that will carry you through the holidays. It's time for a happy and healthy kind of celebration.


Wild Thing // Camatkarasana (meaning: wonderful, spectacular, miraculous)

A major heart opening pose. In it's full expression, Wild Thing is magically invigorating; full of excitement, strength, and grace. This is a real lover's pose.

Eyes closed

Take a deep breath in and note the miracles occurring right in this moment

Find your way into downward dog

Lift your left leg up into three legged dog

Bend left knee and open up the hip

As if you have a heavy ski boot on, feel the ball of your left foot lower to the floor behind you

Hips lift as you press into the outer edge of the right foot and engage the right leg

Like a fainting lover, lift your chest up to the sky

Extend top arm


Feel the heart swell


Feel radiant

Gracefully flip back to a three legged downward dog

Lower the leg and repeat on the other side

After both sides sit back in child's pose and bask in the vibrant space you created for you and for others!

This feature was written by Dee Buryk. Dee is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, yoga instructor, and Founder of Growing Goddesses. Dee empowers and educates young women on nutrition, yoga and meditation, and goal-setting. Keep up with all her adventures by following her on Instagram