Dear Beautiful : A Message to All Super Girls and Women

I write this message for you— strong and fierce women of all ages— to help you get your mind on the right track when it comes to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Dear Beautiful,

How are you today? The sun is shining, the gyms are open and you are looking rather stunning. It’s a wonderful day. I hope that you are eating well and keeping active, making sure that your healthy body stays in tip top shape.

You might be tempted to skip a meal or two — no! Keep those organs jolly and spoiled with love. I know that you might feel sad and down sometimes. Everything will be okay. Never be too hard on yourself. If you eat chocolate today, enjoy it! We are allowed to be human sometimes.

Always remember that you are STRONG and that you are a FIGHTER. Whatever life throws at you on this journey, you have all the armor you need to face it HEAD ON. Whenever you have a bad day, take some time for yourself to relax and refocus. Go for a nice walk outside and enjoy nature’s beauty. Take a hot bubble bath and soak until you turn into a prune. You can even slap on a pound of makeup to feel better if you have to. Whatever makes you happy!

As ladies, we have to look after ourselves and focus on US. We tend to focus on other people far too often. I know that sometimes you look at ridiculously gorgeous girls on Instagram and you instantly think, “God, I would like to order a face like hers with a side of big booty and the model figure combo to go!” Truth be told, a picture is just a picture. Sometimes, the models you see don’t even look like that in real life. Never compare yourself to them. You are FLAWLESS boo.

Always remember that it is important to respect and embrace yourself so that others can respect and embrace you. As a lady never feel pressured to submit to something that you are not comfortable with in order to gain the approval of others— especially when it comes to social media. Hello! Look in the mirror! You are already special JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. A PRICELESS GEM! You certainly don’t need the approval of others.

I urge you to KNOW YOUR WORTH. For too long, people say mean things to us and we just soak it in like a sponge and dwell on it for a lifetime. You are not ugly nor fat, nor disgusting, nor a disgrace. Get all that nonsense out of your mind right now. Like fine wine, make it a priority to only get better with time. Kick all bad thoughts to the curb and do a diva hair flip. This is your time to CRUSH all negativity by renewing your mind and exercising all the stress out of your body.

Who are you? A SUPERGIRL AND SUPERWOMAN. It’s time for you to put on your cape and soar like the eagle you were always destined to be.

"Dear Beautiful" was written by PumpUp member and Trinidadian artist Tweetii. Learn more about her here.