HIIT and Weightlifting Changed Jessica's Life

It all started with a gym membership. Jessica was eating healthy food, but didn't have the motivation to experiment with her recipes or workouts. "I didn't start getting serious about health and fitness until about a year ago," she elaborated. "I joined a gym for the first time - that was around the same time I joined PumpUp. Why not be surrounded by daily motivation and people who enjoyed bettering their lives just as much as you do? It was (and still is) very up-lifting."

Time and time again, PumpUp helped Jessica to transcend plateaus. "Seeing other peoples' posts gave me ideas to experiment with, like protein pancakes, fun smoothies, and healthy snacks," she shared. "Seeing these posts on a daily basis gives me motivation to work out more. I love all the positivity on the app. I get great ideas for workouts, [which throws] a curveball in my normal routine. It's a lot of fun." Now, Jessica is more knowledgeable about health and fitness than ever before. Other members of the PumpUp community challenge her to become the best version of herself. "I take in the knowledge from other people and sometimes put it in my daily routine," she added. "I love learning new things and I'm always up for a challenge. Depending on whether my pants are women's or juniors, I wear between a size 0 or 3. Never in my life did I imagine wearing that size. I always always always wore between a 7 and 9."

Jessica acknowledges that her transformation wasn't an overnight process. "It's very hard mentally and physically," she mentioned. "You fall down seven times and stand up eight...then kick some [butt]!" She swears by high intensity interval training (HIIT) and weightlifting to maintain her physique. "HIIT is amazing because you burn so many calories and you're constantly keeping your body guessing," she said. "I love pumping iron and I'm definitely not scared to go deep in heavy squats and lift 20-lb. dumbbells. I can surely tell you that I don't look anything like a man. Lifting weights empowers me as a woman and it makes me feel strong and confident. Who doesn't want to feel that amazing?"

Moving forward, Jessica hopes to inspire people with her positive attitude towards her body and towards physical fitness. "I have gained motivation and happiness from using PumpUp and that is why I continue to use it every day," she professed. "I want people to come to me for advice, questions, or anything, really. I am here to help people. That is what I love to do."

Jessica's biggest source of motivation

I'm inspired by an NPC Bikini Competitor and YouTuber named Emily Duncan: she is 20 years old - just like me!  I love the relationship and balance that she has with health and fitness. She is my daily inspiration and I look up to her. I also look up to Marie Wold and Brittany Dawn on Instagram. They're an incredible source of positivity. They inspire me to dream big and just go for it.

More about Jessica

People always tell me that I am super funny and I always animate everything I do. With me, there will never be a dull moment. I love kitty cats (I might be a little obsessed). I do want to become a personal trainer soon. I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge of health and fitness. Bettering peoples' lives motivates and inspires me to live the one life I have been given to the fullest.

Keep Jessica pumped! Find her on PumpUp and Instagram @jaydub_fitness to follow her journey! Have questions for Jessica? Leave them in the comments below.