How Alyssa Found The Positivity She Needed

PumpUp member @alyssa_a_ford needed a major dose of positivity in her life when she joined the app in November 2014. "I started to use PumpUp because it is such a positive place to be. It's an environment that is inspiring and it is something that I've always wanted to be a part of," she said gleefully. Alyssa wanted a rapid departure from the habits that she adopted in her younger years. "We ate whatever we wanted...all the junk food and soda," recalled Alyssa. "I ate like a piglet. Though my family grew to be more health-conscious, I only exercised because I was enrolled in sports. I wasn't very competitive at them. Besides walking around, I didn't do much. I didn't really care before."  

Once Alyssa joined the PumpUp community, she gained the motivation that she needed to push her limits as far as exercise was concerned. "Everyone on PumpUp is so nice, helpful and inspiring," she mused. "It's somewhere that anybody can go to if they need motivation. It's amazing what we can do if we work together." Alyssa indeed worked together with the PumpUp community to achieve all sorts of health and fitness goals. She became much more health-conscious and fell in love with running. Not only does she strive to visit the gym every day for at least 45 minutes, Alyssa began to incorporate short runs after her workouts. "I accomplished quite a lot on PumpUp. I lost 25 pounds and began to love my body and treat it the way it should be treated," she shared. "I have gained confidence, which I never thought was possible. I truly love PumpUp and the family it creates for anybody who takes the time to reach out and ask for help. I hope to inspire others and help them when they need it."

Her best advice for others looking to lead a healthy lifestyle is to be persistent. "I'm a small 5'2 girl at 115 lbs," she began. "I weighed 150 lbs at my heaviest and I was a train wreck. Now I take my motivation from what I want to achieve." Alyssa particularly likes to draw inspiration from motivational quotes. Lucky for her, PumpUp has a wellspring of quotes and photos that encourage others to lead a healthier lifestyle.

More recently, Alyssa has been shaving a lot of time off of her running pace. She can now run a mile at a speed of 6 minutes and 40 seconds and tracks all of her progress on the app. "Sweating makes me feel confident. I love the way I feel so accomplished after every workout," she said emphatically.

More about Alyssa

I'd love to open a bakery that specializes in healthier versions of normal baked goods. I love to be in the kitchen, it is my 3rd home (after the gym!!)

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