How Amanda Beat Bulimia

“I was climbing a very small mountain…maybe we should call it a big hill…and I thought I was dying,” said Amanda C (@curvygirl), an extraordinary PumpUp member who turned to the app’s community for help when she realized that her health was spiralling in the wrong direction.

This gripping realization came to her in the summer of 2014, when Amanda felt out of breath and exhausted after just 20 minutes of elevated walking. She staved off exercise after she beat bulimia during her adolescent years, fearful that exercise would make her relapse. “[My climb] got me thinking, is this the person I want to be? My answer to that was no,” she affirmed. “I thought that PumpUp was a perfect community to start my journey over again. Every member was so nice to one another and I became confident that I could document my journey on the app without feeling ashamed for being a beginner.” Before Amanda began to chronicle her progress with PumpUp, her history with bulimia distorted her relationship with food and nutrition. “I was afraid to think about food as fuel,” she confessed. “I was letting myself eat how much I wanted and whatever I wanted. As a former bulimic, that was a very big step in the right direction because I first began to learn not to obsess about food.”

With the help and encouragement of the PumpUp community, Amanda began to eat more nutritious food without obsessing over what it would do to her body. “I learned that healthy food can taste ten times better than junk food,” she explained. “I’m not on a diet: I just don’t eat things that aren’t the best for my body, such as white carbs and processed food.” Amanda’s current lifestyle is a drastic departure from her sedentary ways. Thanks to the constant encouragement of the PumpUp community, Amanda learned to love exercise and does small workouts whenever lacks the motivation to do so.

Though Amanda wasn’t always avid about exercise, she took achievable, gradual steps to change her habits and realized the importance of setting realistic goals. “After I joined PumpUp, I realized that my body couldn’t accomplish my ultimate goal (defined abs) in a short amount of time,” she elaborated. “I break my goals down into smaller steps. This summer, my stomach will be toned. Maybe I’ll have defined abs by next summer. I also set small goals for every workout—a common one would be running a certain distance without stopping.”

None of this came easily for Amanda. She attributes a lot of her success to the PumpUp community. “I now actually have a big PumpUp family—everyone is so nice to me and it’s definitely keeping me motivated!” she gushed. “I don’t think I would have come this far without PumpUp. It’s the perfect community to help anybody stay focused.” Amanda’s support system on PumpUp has grown so prolifically and helped her in ways that she could never have imagine. “My biggest motivation is actually everybody who follows me,” she insisted. “They must think that I’m doing something right and that is motivational as heck! I don’t think I would be where I am today if they weren’t this supportive!” Though Amanda periodically combats very low self esteem long after she beat bulimia, she no longer compares her progress to that of others. “I’m not less worthy than anybody else, regardless of the voice inside my head telling me otherwise,” she affirmed. “Whether you have the ‘perfect’ body or not, I think everybody battles with self doubt. Don’t be consumed by it. Tell yourself that you are the best person in the world, because you are!”

Amanda’s Favourite Recipe

“Healthy ice cream! Blend 2 frozen bananas, 2 dates, 1 spoonful of peanut butter, and 1 spoonful of cocoa together!”

Motivational Mantra

“I love to say that I’m a mortal with the potential of superman. I heard that saying from a song by a Swedish Glamrock Band (The Ark – The Worrying Kind). Everybody should look them up. I can’t describe how much I love them. They are awesome and have motivational lyrics.”

Exercise routine

“In the summer Sweden is so beautiful and I love to do things outside: walking, running, cycling etc. I can enjoy the nature at the same time! I'm not that person that would be able to walk or run on the treadmill for hours, I get bored after 15 minutes! I need to see things, smell nature and feel the wind blowing through my hair! Then I feel alive! The winter is a little bit too cold for me so I do workouts at home. Basic things that you don't really need any equipment for”

Fun fact about Amanda

“I’m still afraid of the dark and sometimes I tend to sleep with lights on. I listen to audiobooks every night to help me focus! My biggest love in the whole world is my puppy PimPim, she's half Chihuahua and half Pomeranian which makes her a Pomchi! I would do anything for her!”

Keep Amanda pumped! Follow her along her journey @curvygirl on PumpUp and @itscurvygirl on Instagram!