How Arielle Got Stronger With a Fitness Community

Inspiring people all over the world join the PumpUp community at very different stages in their lives. Arielle was nearly at the peak of her fitness when she became a PumpUp member— she was already extremely physically active and aware of her food choices. But after she downloaded the app, Arielle was thrilled to find a community of people who shared her passion for healthy and active living. "I couldn't believe there was a community of people who dedicated their lives to health and fitness as much as I did," she explained. "It was nice to have support and motivation from a family that I could talk to and learn from. That's mainly the reason I joined. Not everyone enjoys always talking about fitness, but on PumpUp you can do it all the time. It's a mostly non-judgemental and supportive environment."

PumpUp inspired Arielle to fine-tune her healthy habits. "The difference PumpUp made was providing a ton of motivation and advice," she insisted. "I loved logging workouts and seeing what everyone else was doing. It was great to have people to look up to for inspiration." For example, Arielle now prepares her meals ahead of time in order to guarantee that she makes healthy dietary choices. "[I do this rather than] starving and waiting to get home to eat something nutritious," she elaborated. Arielle amped up the frequency of her workouts as well. She does weightlifting at least 5 to 6 times a week and throws a bit of cardio into the mix. "I make sure that when I create my schedule, I always have time for the gym," she added. "It's typically my number one priority."

Arielle gained so much physical strength over the course of her year-long journey with PumpUp. "Using PumpUp has shown me that being a muscular, curvy woman is nothing to be ashamed of and that's what I strive to accomplish," she offered. "I've definitely gotten stronger. I also want to be able to motivate others to make these choices as well." Arielle noticed how these physical changes impacted her emotional well-being. "I almost forgot to mention just how confident PumpUp has made me feel about myself," she said hastily.  "If there's no other reason for [joining PumpUp], it's simply for the confidence and appreciation I have gained for my body and it's incredible strength. I will forever cherish it."

It wasn't always easy for Arielle to think about her body in a positive way. As a child, Arielle was overweight and felt extremely self-conscious. She went through phases where she would starve herself to the point of dizziness. She then started to pack healthy lunches and immersed herself in sports such as basketball, softball, and volleyball. "As I grew up, I thinned out, but being overweight and having a negative body image and negative relationship with food made me a 'health nut'," she recalled. "I continue to be a health nut today, but I love every minute of [physical activity] instead of looking at it like it's being forced upon me."

Too many beginners make the mistake of delaying the 'start' of their health and fitness journey, but Arielle reckons that everybody should simply get up and get moving. "People don't realize that the smallest changes toward bettering your health will make a big difference," she shared.  "A friend of mine once told me that instead of always trying to remove stuff, whether it's from your diet or your lifestyle in general, try adding things that will make it better. If you drink a lot of soda, instead of trying to remove it entirely from your diet, just start drinking more water and you may find yourself being less thirsty for soda and more satisfied. This rule applies for anything in life."

Arielle's biggest source of motivation

My biggest motivation are ladies who have already attained a healthy lifestyle and are still maintaining one. That is my number one goal. People like Limitlesstyle, fitmama2015, balancingforlife, uneekapril, are people I often look to.

More about Arielle

I have an associates in Culinary Arts from Johnson & Wales University and am working on my bachelors in Nutrition now. I'm almost done and can't wait to pursue a career working with people on how to make more nutritious decisions. With my background in culinary arts, I could also work in a restaurant or be a personal chef. This is also something I would enjoy doing. I love to cook, it's definitely my #1 passion, and cooking nutritiously just makes it all the better. I want to show people that it isn't boring or bland to eat healthy. Once you take the time to experiment with food, it opens the door.

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