How Daphne Found Comfort in Her Own Skin

While a vegan diet can lead to healthier eating habits, it doesn't necessarily guarantee them. PumpUp member @daphnec began to realize this as her busy schedule took its toll on her sporadic eating patterns. "Before PumpUp, my eating schedule was healthy but inconsistent," she elaborated. "I have been a vegan for almost 5 years, but I used to skip meals and snacked frequently while I was on the go. My workouts were definitely very inconsistent. Though I practiced yoga and Zumba a couple of times a week, I wasn't very persistent about it!"

In the 6 short months that Daphne's been a member of the PumpUp community, she was able to find the motivation she needed. "I was blown away by the support and kindness of the people on PumpUp," she enthused. "I found a great way to keep track of my workout routines and I loved learning more about other members' fitness journeys. Using PumpUp has definitely helped me to push myself. It's great to be around a group of people who all share a passion for leading happy and healthy lifestyles." Since joining the PumpUp community, Daphne has been able to up the frequency and intensity of her workouts. "PumpUp helped me to stay on track so much," she insisted. "From posting pictures to keeping track of your workouts, this app is amazing. I'm also a little obsessed with PumpUp Pat. Every time he pops on my screen to remind me that I'm almost on track, I get so anxious. I feel like PumpUp is constantly pushing myself to be best that I can be."

If something is important to you, you'll find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse. Daphne lost all of her excuses once PumpUp's fitness community began to support her along her journey. "I was full of excuses. I was constantly abiding by unhealthy and irregular eating patterns and found reason to skip my workouts," she recounted. "Finding a 'before' picture of me was challenging. I wasn't comfortable with my body or my own skin, so I was a person who would hide away from pictures. Once I broke with my bad habits, I realized that I could be my own motivator." Daphne insists on the importance of hard work, commitment, and discipline. "You're your own cheerleader and motivator," she counselled. "If you're willing to go from the ordinary to the extraordinary, it's up to you to make a change. Be consistent, eat healthy, and drink lots of water. If you're putting in work, you'll see results!"

There isn't an automatic key that unlocked the secret to Daphne's success. Once she embraced PumpUp's fitness community and found an exercise that she was passionate about, Daphne committed to her health and wellness journey wholeheartedly. "I've tried tons of different exercise trends, but none of them really interested me," she professed."Kickboxing definitely changed that. Not only is it an amazing full-body workout, it constantly changes and engages me every day. It definitely wasn't the easiest workout to begin with, but my endurance is definitely improving and my form keeps getting better!"

More about Daphne

One of the things I'm involved with is the "Lets Move" campaign. It's so inspiring to see an actual campaign that addresses the overall health of young America. In a world so full of technology, children aren't taught how to perform even simple athletic tasks (like how to bounce a ball). It's important to keep sports programs available to children and to encourage them to be healthy and active. It's also important to change some of the major food companies that serve schools and cafeterias. We should get more involved with what's actually been offered. In a society where vegetables are more expensive than junk food, there's definitely something wrong.  During this journey I became interested in becoming a certified clinical nutritionist, which might be my next step! I have a busy life and schedule but love it, it helps me keep on going and reaching those goals.

When I was back home (Venezuela) I used to go hiking  every summer to Mountain El Avila, this is definitely something I wanted to get myself around to start doing again! Now that the weather it's getting nicer it will be a wonderful time to pick up my hiking skills.

Keep Daphne pumped and cheer her on along her journey. Have any questions about veganism or any questions for Daphne? Let us know in the comments below! If you have an inspiring story to share with the PumpUp community, email alessandra[@]!