How Doriane Got Rid of Her Excuses

Never seem to have time to exercise? Neither did Doriane. "Before PumpUp, I did not work out at all," she emphasized. "I [was busy] between college and my student job, so lacking time was the perfect excuse for me." What's more, Doriane had difficulty controlling herself around junk food. "I didn't care about what I ate," she mentioned. "Right before I started my journey, I looked at the mirror and found myself absolutely disgusting. I said, 'How could you let that happen to you?' It was an electroshock." Six months ago, Doriane joined the PumpUp community to get her eating and exercise habits on the right track. "I needed motivation to work out and better myself," she remembered. "I was so right. With PumpUp, my whole life is based around food and exercise. I try to work out as often as I can - about three to four times a week. I also think about how I organize my meals."

Though Doriane has always been hard on herself, the PumpUp community helped her to overcome self-doubt and insecurity. "Sometimes, it's hard for me to tell myself that it's okay [when I cheat on my diet]," she mentioned. "Tomorrow is another chance to get better. What helps is being surrounded by loving and caring people. PumpUp helps with that because I feel so supported every time I post a progress photo. I never received a negative comment - only positive vibes. And that is everything I could have ever hoped for."

At first, Doriane started to exercise with a stationary bike and Fitness Blender videos on YouTube. "I also started to run, which is unbelievable," she recalled. "I was so bad at the beginning. Now, I'm starting to run a bit longer. I also walk a lot more - around 8000 to 10,000 steps a day. That helps too."

Doriane's Best Advice

Start slow with something you like. Have somebody who will help you stay motivated. Think about your progress and not your failures. You can have a day off and you can be lazy sometimes. Make sure that you rock the next day. Don’t give up just because you had one bad workout.

Doriane's Biggest Motivation

My good friend Carole was the main reason I started this journey. She lost 30 kilos (around 66 pounds) in something like 3 years and I wanted to be able to do that as well.

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