How Kristin Changed Her Life Through Self-Love

Kristin's story is an important one. She learned to love herself at all shapes and sizes, and that made all the difference. Food cravings used to pervade Kristin's every thought. "Before PumpUp, I constantly gave into eating food like chocolate, doughnuts, and my biggest craving: pizza," she revealed. "I became comfortable with laying in bed on my phone all day." When Kristin was just 14 years old, her doctor diagnosed her with pre-diabetes.  She was extremely self-conscious, feeling that her weight attracted unwanted attention. "My blood sugar was high and it was embarrassing how out of breath I'd be when I was hanging out with friends or family," she lamented. "I was worried about whether I'd fit into seats at waterparks and amusement parks, and I felt like I wasn't good enough for society because I was 'fat'. I wouldn't wish those negative feelings on anybody."

At the beginning of her fitness journey, Kristin struggled to strike a healthy balance with her eating habits, to the point of self-destruction. "I was obsessed with counting calories and limited myself to 800 calories a day," she confessed. "Though the pounds were coming off, I was still unhappy. I'd be hard on myself for eating 'bad food'. I became anemic and hypoglycemic."

After Kristin joined the PumpUp community 8 months ago, she fully transformed her attitude and relationship towards food and exercise. "I began to focus on being healthy rather than being on a strict diet," she insisted. "I focus on eating healthy as often as I can. Amazingly, I began to have more energy and weight came off a lot faster than it did when I restricted myself." The app became commonplace in her daily routine. "As soon as I saw the progress of other members on PumpUp, it pushed me to get back on track. PumpUp is one of the first things I check in the morning. It helps me to start the day right by keeping me motivated," she said. "I enjoy working out in the morning because it gives me so much energy, I plan most of my meals ahead of time, cook meals for myself and for my husband, and I stopped trying to count every calorie and carbohydrate." Kristin avoids processed food as much as possible, but allows herself to have occasional treats. "Moderation is key," she advised.

As Kristin continues her journey with PumpUp, she hopes to inspire others to make a change for themselves. "Don't obsess over the scale. Don't focus on how far away you are from your goal. Focus on how far you've come already," she mused. "I became so obsessed with getting skinny that I would avoid social situations with friends and family. I didn't want to be around the temptation to eat 'bad food'. Once I was 'skinny', I became self conscious in a different way: there were stretch marks that covered my body and loose skin that made me cringe." With the support of the PumpUp community, Kristin learned that true beauty lies beneath the skin. "Stay positive and be patient. There will be bumps in the road, but you'll overcome them," she said wisely.

Kristin's biggest source of motivation

What motivates me the most is being happy and healthy. My husband has also been a huge motivator, he has called me beautiful every single day: from 5 years ago when I was 200+lbs, to now. I used roll my eyes because I didn't believe him, but he is absolutely amazing. He never fails to make me feel better when I pick at my body. He always wants me to enjoy myself and feel my best.

More about Kristin

I'm a huge foodie, healthy food, junk food..everything! (Pizza is my favorite though). It's made eating healthier a little more difficult, but I still allow myself to indulge or try something new every once in a while.

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