How Lara Shakes Up Her Fitness Routine

This #TransformationTuesday, meet the inspiring Lara @ladyevy. Lara is a fit mom from the island of Martinique who enjoys fun music and workouts with lots of momentum! Looking to add a little more energy to your workout routine? Read about Lara's experience here!

Pumpup Name: @ladyevy
Member Since: March 2016
Current Location: French West Indies, Martinique
Favorite Workout Music: A lot of songs of Dancehall! I also listen to pop: Anastacia, Ariana Grande or Lady Gaga
Mantra: Step by step, you can do it!

Who are your 3 favorite people to follow on PumpUp? What do you admire most about them?

@vdixon – Her posts make me smile a lot!
@fitness_with_d – She gives me motivation to continue pushing through leg days!
@panna00 – She’s always up to something different and her photos are very calming!


What advice would you share with someone trying to stay motivated?

Set a simple and achievable goal within a reasonable time frame. For example, a plank timing, a weight to lift, or a number of reps in bodybuilding. This is also great for weight loss (3 kg in 3 months). Keep this goal in mind during your set time frame and you’re more likely to see results! Furthermore, it’s important to find balance and be kind to ourselves. Keep in mind that we all started somewhere and nothing is easy for anyone. We have all lived through a period of discouragement and that’s normal. A healthy life requires some adaptations, but these ultimately make you happier! Nothing beats the pleasure of achieving and surpassing your goals!


What is your favorite way to stay active?

I love trampoline! I discovered this activity about 8 months ago and now I can’t do without it. It is playful, fun, and is not traumatic for the body. This helped me lose and tone without hurting my joints. When I jump, I don’t think about anything, I take advantage of the moment and feel so good. I just feel happy… and that’s what fitness should be about!


What achievement are you are most proud of?

My goal was to get back to a weight that I was comfortable and confident in. After a year of rebalancing food and sports I am proud to say that I DID IT! I was surprised because achieving this took more time than I originally thought. I went through phases of stagnation, discouragement, and doubt. But I never gave up. I am proud of that.


What is your favorite thing about PumpUp?

Pumpup such a  innovative and unique network. There are no negative or bad comments. Everyone can find the support, motivation and advice they need, regardless of their goal, age or experience. I love the mutual support!


How did PumpUp help you achieve your fitness goals?

At first it was essentially a great source of inspiration for well-balanced meal ideas. Then, seeing the progress of the people I follow gave me motivation to continue my own efforts.


What is your post-workout fuel?

Water and protein! Either in the form of shake, BCAA or meal. I’m not too crazy about shakes, so I just have a little bit!


What makes you feel your most confident?

What makes me feel my most confident is the fact that I’ve reached my first goal. I’ve learned that I need to make a sustained effort to push my limits. It takes lots of work, but nothing is impossible. I trust myself step by step and that makes me feel so confident!


What advice would you give to someone new in the PumpUp community?

When you’re just starting out, it’s awesome to browse PumpUp according to your interests, such as running, yoga, or weight training. Follow fellow members from those categories and you’ll have a great source of inspiration for your own routine. Meeting people with similar interests increases motivation and makes you feel supported!

Thanks Lara! Follow more of her adventures on the PumpUp app @ladyevy!