How Maryann Learned To Love Herself Through PumpUp

Regardless of our shape, size, or fitness level, we all deal with weight-based comments sooner or later. Maryann was just 14 years old when she took another person’s remark about her weight to heart. “Several summers before I began to use PumpUp, somebody made a comment about how I gained some weight, and I didn’t like that at all,” she recalled. “But it’s very hard to break away from old habits because most of the time, you’re helpless. You don’t know how to change.” Maryann wasn’t able to control most what she ate at such a young age.

But from that point onward, she made a commitment to love herself by embracing a healthy lifestyle. “I’m proud of how far I’ve come, as I’m almost 18,” Maryann gushed. “Before PumpUp, I tried to eat healthy and workout on a daily basis using at-home workouts (I’ve only been to the gym once in my entire life). The problem was that I often gave up on my goals.” Maryann lacked the motivation to be consistent about her objectives but quickly found inspiration from the PumpUp community. “Seeing everybody else’s progress and learning how others live their own health journeys really interested me and using PumpUp was the best and only way to pursue my own journey,” she affirmed. “Since I started with PumpUp, I learned new things about being healthy and about myself.”

For one, Maryann learned to love herself by not being too restrictive about her eating habits. “I used to eat completely healthy all week and allow myself to have a cheat day on Fridays,” she explained. “But I’d end up eating all of the bad food I could eat in such a short amount of time. I knew I wouldn’t be allowed to have it during any other day.” Her eating habits are much less restricted, and much more balanced since she joined PumpUp. “I no longer deprive myself from certain foods and snap every weekend. When I want something, I have a small portion of it. It’s all about moderation.”

This attitude has extended to other spheres of Maryann’s life since she began to interact with the PumpUp community. “I’ve learned to accept my body: being perfect does not exist,” she said strongly. “I can change my body but I’ll never look like that person on television. I’ll look like a different version of me, and I’m okay with that. I began to learn that appearance is not important. What’s important is being healthy.”

As an aspiring nutritionist, Maryann hopes to leverage her PumpUp profile to help others just as they’ve helped her. “I want to make sure that others shouldn’t always believe unfounded myths about food or exercise,” she insisted. “What we see on the Internet or on television might not necessarily be good for you. I want to help others live a healthy lifestyle and make sure that they aren’t harming themselves.” In the short-term, she also hopes to run a half-marathon and improve her stamina. “I know that PumpUp can give me the support I need,” she professed.

Biggest Motivation

My parents would be my biggest motivation. As I said earlier when I was 14 I wanted to change my lifestyle but my parents didn’t really want to. But one year ago for my mom and around two years ago for my dad, they decided to change their eating habits and they started walking and gradually running. Their goal is to run a 5k in every province in Canada and they already ran in two provinces. They both lost more than 100 lbs each, I couldn’t be more proud!

More about Maryann

I really want to become a nutritionist and my main goal is to help the most people I can to be healthy and happy because if you’re not healthy the rest doesn’t really matter. I have always been interested in food and how it impacts your body, how your muscles function and how training affects them, etc. I’d also loooove to open a restaurant when I’m older (a healthy food and ecofriendly one of course).

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