How Molly Gave Up Junk Food and Gained the Confidence to Be Healthy for Life

How Molly Gave Up Junk Food and Gained the Confidence to Be Healthy for Life

If you've ever been addicted to junk food, Molly knows exactly how you feel. She estimates that she used to eat a pound of sugar a day prior to joining PumpUp. "I would eat nothing but fast food, candy, and soda. Everything that you shouldn't eat in moderation, I consumed," she insisted. "If my roommate brought home a bag of Oreos, it was either gone that night or by the next evening. I ate them all. I was in love with candy: the kind of love where I would marry it if I could. " Though Molly remained on her feet and walked around at work as a bartender, she often lacked the motivation to exercise. "I would come home, eat [junk], and go to sleep," she explained.

The Catholic practice of Lent gave Molly the initial motivation that she needed to reform her eating and exercise habits. Over the past four years, for a period of 40 days and 40 nights before Easter, Molly chose to sacrifice something related to her diet. "I gave up fast food the first year, soda the second, sugar the third, and pizza this year," she shared. "I have been fast food, soda, and sugar-free ever since. I couldn't give up my pizza forever...but that's in due time. It's amazing what this has done for my body and mind. I'm no longer groggy all day, I don't need to nap, and I have energy for what my day brings." With the help of PumpUp, Molly gave up junk food for good. When Molly began her journey with PumpUp one year ago, she weighed 157 lbs. Her current weight stands at a much lower 131 lbs. "At my height (5'7"), 157 lbs was at the high end of what I should weigh," she said. "Since I started using PumpUp, I now eat right. I cook dinner, I make sure I have healthy snack choices, I eat a lot throughout my day, and drink at least 8 bottles of water. I love the way I feel now."  

PumpUp helped Molly to make a lifestyle change — one that includes regular exercise and healthy eating. "My best friend tried to drag me to the gym so many times and I just wouldn't go," she recalled. "I wasn't comfortable with myself or my body and I couldn't be around a lot of people at the gym. I started using PumpUp at home, as well as Bioforce and a workout ball." Molly would return home from work, load PumpUp on her phone, and perform the routine that she scheduled for herself. "After awhile, I became more confident and I could see a change in my body," she remembered fondly. "I decided to join a gym last August and ended up dragging my best friend to go with me!" she exclaimed. "I have overcome my fear [of the gym] and I go in with my head held high, ready to work out."

Molly is more confident in herself than ever before. She is sure to exercise at the gym at least 3 times a week and she incorporates different kinds of activity in her day: be it a bike ride, fishing, or walking around a mall. Molly tries to sleep as early as possible and maintains a consistent workout regimen. "PumpUp started my [fitness routine] and I just kept it going," she said happily. "I'm not afraid if somebody is going to question what I'm doing at the gym." She does what works for her: even if it means using assisted pull-up machines as a single leg press. "I had one of the trainers ask me [about it] and I explained that it gives a completely different feeling for my muscles," she shrugged. "It's the way I like to do it. Before, I would have felt stupid [if I was questioned at the gym] and would have left crying."

Above all else, Molly's biggest source of motivation comes from other PumpUp members who never fail to inspire her on a daily basis. "Everyone on this app is truly a family," she mused. "There are no negative things being said. Everyone is out to help everyone. Without my PumpUp family, I would never have gotten as far as I have."

Molly's biggest PumpUp motivators

@carmel23shine; that girl busts her butt every day and has made some amazing progress! @surfysurfy is always doing something and he's so active. He's a surfer and I am terrified of the water but he makes me want to jump in and try something I never would in my life. He is always so positive and he's a huge motivator. @tcabes0135: he's my kindred gym partner. For some reason, we seem to do the same workouts on the same day and we almost have a little mini competition between ourselves: who killed it better. He even works out on vacation. If that doesn't push you I don't know what will.

@krysfit is somebody who I have watched since the beginning. I think she is just amazing. She kicks butt and her legs are killer! She is always so positive and just pushes herself no matter what is going on. @jackthekid1 helped me out with my squats, because I couldn't do them using a smith machine. He told me about different ways that I could do them, and still make progress. There are just so many great people on PumpUp that it's so hard to limit them I mean @fitnick91, @tommys_photos , @gigi1982, @gaffer96, @me_who_else17, @fitmom0425, @jatie they are all so amazing!

Molly's Favorite Exercise

I used to only do legs. Man, do I LOVE LEG DAY! (I know I must be crazy). I have learned to love every day at the gym. I do back/biceps, chest/triceps/shoulders, and legs/glutes. I have a pretty solid routine for all of them, I think. I really can't pick a favorite any more. Some of my favorite exercises are good mornings. push ups, dead lifts, chest flies, skull crushers, hammer curls, and pikes.

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