How the PumpUp Community Motivated Haley to Build Strong Habits

Hey PumpUp! This #TransformationTuesday, we're excited to introduce you to Haley! Haley's dedication to building strong, healthy habits inspires us to be our best selves. She has put in so much work to feel her best and reach her goal of confidence and strength. Read on to find out how she took her fitness to the next level and never gave up!

Pumpup name: @haley_rae36
Member since: 2016
Current Location: Texas, USA.
Favorite Workout Song: "Believer" by Imagine Dragons
Mantra: Health now, not later. 

Who are your top 3 favourite people to follow on PumpUp? What do you admire most about them?

@chantakage: she is very true about her progress and has amazing self-motivation. She is somebody that I can relate to when I'm feeling down or when I'm at a loss of motivation, and someone I can relate to when I feel amazing.

@alinanechanga: she is so supportive of people in the community. She often comments on people posts to remind them that they're amazing and worth anything they want to achieve. Her positivity and people like her are true models of what Pumpup is supposed to be.

@livelovelifttt: she is a fun person to follow because she posts often. She keeps her followers up to date and always brightens their day by sharing the brightness of hers. She is a fun person and her good posts do a great job of spreading more positivity around the community!


What advice would you share with someone who’s looking to keep motivated?

Self-motivation is a very important piece of any fitness journey. When I see someone falling low on that motivation, my best advice is for them is to think of what thing or event originally brought them to their fitness journey. If this isn't the approach they'd like to take, I'd recommend a goal chart or a calendar that can keep them reminded that their health is a worthwhile effort and that they deserve to achieve their goals when they are hoping to achieve them.

What’s a new, healthy habit you’re working on?

A new healthy habit I'm working on is doing something nice for myself every day. Usually, it's a relaxing face mask. It's a way of rewarding myself in a positive way instead of rewarding myself by eating unhealthily.


What's your favourite way to keep active?

I'm still a kid in my heart, I think in a way that all healthy-minded people are just a little bit, so my favorite thing to do to stay active is to play games (soccer, basketball, frisbee), workout, and go on walks at the park with my friends and family. 


What is a fitness or health goal that you're most proud of?

I have two fitness goals that I am particularly proud of. One is to be comfortable in my own skin. I'll know I have achieved this goal when I don't feel awkward wearing a two piece at the pool. My second goal is to become a certified personal trainer in the next few years and teach a class of people like myself. 

What's your favourite thing about PumpUp? How has PumpUp helped you reach your fitness goals?

My favorite thing about PumpUp is that the community is accepting of everyone's flaws and everyone is eager to support people in their journeys. Pumpup's community is a fully functional group of very good people. PumpUp has helped me achieve my goals because it gave me the opportunity to put myself out there when I wasn't healthy yet. Back when I was 190 lbs and really didn't like where I was, the community was supportive. I was afraid of being shamed for my body, but nobody ever shamed me. People were honest, but not in a mean way, and made me feel good about making a change. I became confident, and my fear of showing myself as an unfit woman disappeared. I started to become fit when I stopped being ashamed of what I'd done to myself. That would never have happened without PumpUp.


What’s your post-workout fuel?

My post-workout fuel is, believe it or not, 2 bottles of water, 5 green grapes and a piece of sliced muenster cheese. This snack seems to replenish my hydration, sugars, and even protein, while also being very delicious. 

What makes you feel your most confident?

Working out makes me feel confident. Once I have worked my body enough to achieve that after-workout endorphin rush, I feel very good. Usually, my skin is also glistening with sweat and then I see that my skin looks like it's glowing and I enter that hour-long phase of feeling like I just rock. 


What advice would you give to someone new to the PumpUp community?

My advice to any new people in the Pumpup community is to put yourself out there and you'll be shocked by how open minded and supportive people are. Weave yourself into the community until it's impossible to quit. It's a great way to reach your goals and meet new people at the same time.

Thanks Haley! Continue to follow Haley's health and fitness journey @haley_rae36 on the PumpUp app!