Top Habits of Productive People

Top Habits of Productive People

We all know that type of people who seem to have it all together: they are the masters of time management, they know the answer to every question, they are constantly at the top of their game, and they rarely work overtime as they get everything done during working hours. While high productivity may seem like a superpower, all it takes is a bit of mindfulness and practice. Successful people share certain traits and habits: here’s what you can learn from them.


They are early risers

Not a morning person? You may want to correct the habit of sleeping in. Numerous studies have shown there is a strong correlation between getting up early and being successful. The research of Harvard biologist Christoph Randler showed early risers are more proactive as they use morning quiet for contemplating goals and tasks waiting for them during the upcoming day. In addition to that, Randler argues that the number of sleeping hours (i.e. the optimal eight hours of shut-eye) is irrelevant compared to the timing of sleep. Of course, your habits shape your sleeping rhythm but this is changeable. By gradually shifting the time you go to bed, you’ll get your body rhythm in order and manage to get up earlier. Becoming a morning person will help you think clearly, anticipate problems and minimize them, and obtain more control of your day.


They know the power of visualization and meditation

Confucius once said: “He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right.“ Visualization is not some new-age mumbling: it is about imagining success and mastering positive thinking in order to get a clearer idea about the needed steps to reaching your goal. Many successful celebrities turned to visualization and swear by it: Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, etc. Meditation has proven to be extremely beneficial and the recent Harvard study showed it could literally change the structure of your brain. This means it reduces anxiety levels, improves concentration and focus, and even makes you feel happier and more ready for everyday challenges. While I was practicing yoga at Santosha Yoga Institute I learned that as little as 30 minutes of meditation per day could lead to rewarding results in just a month: combined with positive thinking, meditation helps us to stay on track and be more productive.


They have a great sense of their identity and direction

Productive people know who they are and they know where they’re going. It’s hard to become successful if you don’t know towards what goal are thriving. You have to map out your strategy and find the best and most effective way to achieve your goals. People that are prosperous are not afraid of taking risks because they are well aware it’s all part of the exciting game in business. It is an illusion that productive people are moving faster than the rest of us: they are just working continuously in a determined direction, according to the plan they’ve set. Even if something doesn’t go as they imagined, they don’t panic – they think of plan B.


They learn by doing and are not afraid of failure

Having a great sense of control is what makes successful people always go forward. They know their strengths and weaknesses but they are also aware of the potential they have. Being self-confident helps in accepting mistakes as part of the learning process: they’re not afraid of stepping on an unfamiliar land because of the possibility they might not do their jobs properly. Instead of panicking during moments of crisis, they take a deep breath and go straight down to solving the issue. They trust themselves to learn by doing and they know that every failure is just another step closer to getting it right.


In addition to all of the mentioned, productive people value creative moments and they know how crucial it is to surround themselves with positive people that inspire them. They know the importance of balancing work time with leisure time. Try being a copycat and adopt these healthy habits so you too can become more productive.

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