How To Stick To Your #RealResolutions

We all know them; we all use them and we all love them – excuses. They are just so tempting, so easy to use. Maybe a little too easy. And that’s why this January, myself, PumpUp and the entire PumpUp community challenged you to cut out excuses from your daily live. No matter if family, work or fitness. This November is your chance to leave the excuses at home.

Personally, I’ve challenged myself to do this: 

No candy
No cakes
No chips
No white bread
No fast food
No chocolate
No ice cream
… for 21 days!

I know, I know. Looks very hard to do, nearly impossible and believe me when I say, IT IS!!!

Sticking to your #RealResolutions is easier when you have the right inspiration for eating healthy! From l-r #TeamPumpUp members share their eats: @mia_mria, @fitnesswithrachel, @s4steer, @ella_emilie 

Sticking to your #RealResolutions is easier when you have the right inspiration for eating healthy! From l-r #TeamPumpUp members share their eats: @mia_mria, @fitnesswithrachel, @s4steer, @ella_emilie 

For someone with such a strong sweet tooth like me, this seems impossible to see through. BUT I, myself, wanted to try it out, so I, myself, am not going to give up. 

I am now concentrating myself, not on the things that I am not allowed to eat, but on what I will feel like after those three weeks. And that is – as I find it – the key to success. Don’t focus on what you cannot have, focus on what you will get out of it in the end.

The main reason I am doing this is – who would have thought that – because of my looks. I have never managed to be truly happy with myself and with what I look like, but doing this challenge, twenty-one days without excuses, will not only benefit my body, my weight and most importantly my health, it also gives me chance of proving to myself that I am strong and I can do whatever I tell myself to do. Completing these twenty-one days will give me strength and the knowledge that if I want to, I can.

But enough of me. What about you? What do you challenge yourself to do this November? Are you going to give up a bad eating habit as well or are you challenging yourself not to skip a day at the gym? – It doesn’t even have to be such a big goal. It could honestly just be, making your bed every morning right after you wake up or drinking eight glasses of water each day. Start small and work your way up. That’s how big changes are made.

Try it out, give your #RealResolutions a chance and show yourself and the entire PumpUp community that you can!

This feature was written by #TeamPumpUp member Anna @healthyliving. Follow her on the PumpUp app for more inspiration to stick to (and achieve!) your #RealResolutions in 2017!