How Trenton Overcame Bullying and Found Purpose

As an overweight child, Trenton was a victim of bullying and the subject of jokes. "It started at the age of 10— I didn't notice it at the time," he recalled. "I didn't care about how I looked. I was just a kid. As I got older, the bullying got worse and I kept getting bigger." The constant derision and laughter about Trenton's weight began to take its toll. "I was a freshman in high school and I was crying myself to sleep at night," he admitted. "My dad got me into fitness and gave me the tools that I needed to lose weight and lead a happier and healthier lifestyle."

With hard work, regular exercise, plenty of water, and balanced eating habits, Trenton lost 55 lbs in one year and maintained his weight loss. By the time he entered college, Trenton was already living a healthy lifestyle—but it was one without purpose. Life was monotonous and based on routine. "Once I joined PumpUp, I found that people actually liked the content that I was posting," he mentioned. "I immediately became more motivated. I eliminated junk food from my diet and focused on eating only wholesome food. My workouts are still 6 days a week, but they became very intense and focused after I started using PumpUp."

The PumpUp community helped Trenton to realize his passion for health and fitness, to the extent that he decided to pursue a career in the industry. "Before PumpUp, I was a regular college student and I wondered what I was doing at school," he said. "Now, I'm getting a degree in business. I became a health coach and I have a website where I create meal plans and workout plans to help others reach their potential. I've truly changed as a person."

As Trenton continues to use PumpUp on a near-daily basis, he hopes to inspire as many people as possible with his journey and his expertise. "I'll be tracking my own progress to see myself grow," he started. "When I started, I had to shift my thought process and I believed in myself. There are a lot of people who use excuses to avoid working out, and there's a misconception about what 'health' should be. The whole point is to fuel your body so that it can function as best as it can. Exercise regularly, and eat whole and natural foods, lean protein, a mixture of complex and simple carbs, and vegetables."

Trenton's Workout Routine

I come up with my own workouts. I usually do separate muscle groups each day. I do cardio routines, such as boxing, CrossFit training, gymnastics, and calisthenics to stay active.  I love to go bike riding, and do yoga every so often.

Fun fact about Trenton

I like acting... not just any acting though. It's martial artist acting that gets me going. I love to do insane tricks and flips. Acting is something I've always loved and one day, I hope to be involved in movies and do many great things in this world.

Keep Trenton pumped! Were you inspired by how he overcame bullying? Find him on PumpUp @trenton_trevillion_fit to follow him along his journey!