Jenny's Self-Taught Mind and Body Transformation

Growing up, Jenny’s eating patterns travelled between two extremes. She would not eat food for long periods of time, or she would binge on food for days on end. “I was always self-conscious of my body and I was never happy,” she revealed. “I didn’t exercise other than the occasional online pilates video that I would try once a week. I didn’t really understand heart and fitness and just hoped I would see results overnight.”

At the beginning of 2015, Jenny weighed in at her highest weight ever — 175 lbs. “I really got myself in check,” she mentioned. “I started using PumpUp because it was very difficult for me do stay motivated with healthy lifestyle. Since I was always on social media, I thought the idea of using an app to document my fitness journey was perfect!"

Jenny’s transformation with PumpUp didn’t happen right away. “I’ve been using PumpUp for roughly two years,” she said. “I started when I was a senior in high school, but I wasn’t that serious about it. I didn’t post much because I was too self conscious - I mostly scrolled and looked at everyone else’s success.” Gradually, PumpUp gave Jenny the motivation to modify her exercise and eating habits. “PumpUp has inspired and helped my fitness lifestyle in so many ways,” she gushed. “It keeps me motivated, and it keeps me accountable. With every progress picture I post, [there are] always other people cheering me on. Not only do I want to prove it to them, but I want to prove it to myself."

Not only has Jenny developed a love for living a healthy lifestyle, she’s also nurtured a love for her body. Now, she tracks her intake of macronutrients and logs her meals into MyFitnessPal. She exercises at the gym 5-6 times a week, often doing powerlifting and bodybuilding. “I make the absolute most out of every single day,” she mentioned. “I would say that my greatest fitness accomplishment is the fact that I am self-taught. I did the research, I listened to my body, I pushed myself when I needed to and I held back when I needed to. In a couple more years, I can’t wait to see the accomplishments I make!"

Moving forward, Jenny hopes to inspire others on PumpUp to make changes with a healthy mind and body. "So many people are uneducated as far as how our bodies truly work,” she said. "Many people just need that one person to inspire them - and I would love nothing more than to be that person.” 

Jennys Best Advice

"The best advice I could give is to never expect results overnight! Consistency is the biggest factor in making a change. It is important to trust the process. I made goals every week with how much weight I could lift in the gym, which made it more fun and less about losing weight on my body. That resulted in me losing 20+ pounds and not even realizing it! I would just all of a sudden compare pictures and be like, wow!" 

Jennys Sources of Motivation

"Nikki Blackketter is really inspiring to me because she is real. She won't tell you that you should do hours of cardio and eat nothing. She is one of the main people who got me into lifting! I consider myself to be a huge source of motivation as well. I know I'm not where I want to be yet, and that's motivation enough."  

Jennys Favourite Exercises

"Powerlifting! Bench press, deadlifts, and squats! All of the super important compound movements. Seeing yourself grow stronger at a specific lift is very motivating!"

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Fun Fact about Jenny

"I listen to way too much Kanye west during my workouts."

Keep Jenny pumped! Find her on PumpUp @jennyrenz and on Instagram @jennyrenzz