How Justine Found Motivation and Lost 25+ lbs

Exercise was nearly a non-existent part of Justine’s life before she joined PumpUp. Her self-confidence was at an all-time low, and she felt helpless about her situation. “Before starting my ‘new life’, I felt bad about myself,” she confessed. “I was feeling big and trapped in my body. I didn’t do any sports.” Getting started was especially hard for Justine. It was difficult for her to stick to a routine. “At the beginning, I want to give up after each exercise,” she professed.

After sticking to healthier habits for 6 weeks, Justine started to notice a difference. “I wanted to reach my goal, so I continued for a week, then another, and then another,” she remembered. “Now, I’m here. I think that the first 6 weeks are the most difficult, when you start a new way of life. When the first 6 weeks are done, [it] is less difficult. You have to find your own motivation - whether it’s to be more confident, or something else.” 

Overall, Justine lost 28.5 lbs, or 13 kilograms, since the start of her fitness journey. “I’ve been using Pumpup for almost one year,” she mentioned. “I wanted to be healthier and to start a new life. I know that I needed help and motivation from a community and I’ve found that on PumpUp.” By striving to prepare her own meals and by incorporating more fruits and vegetables into her diet, Justine has been able to maintain healthier eating habits. “Now, I eat healthier,” she confirmed. “No alcohol, chips, sweets, soft-drinks, or processed food. I do 3-4 workout sessions a week, and I will start boxing soon."

Moving forward, Justine aspires to serve as a role model to others on PumpUp. “I hope to help people like myself — those who helped me when I needed it,” she said. “[I want to] help them reach their goals and start a new life.” She has also taken up running as a hobby. “The first time that I ran, I was so slow that the Runtastic app recorded it as a walking session,” she shared. “I felt so rubbish after that. I’ve been trying to walk more. One of my goals is to run 10 kilometres by November.” 

Justine’s Biggest Source of Motivation

“I think it’s Sonia Tlev (creator of the Top Body Challenge) and Sissy Mua (a French YouTuber)."

Justine’s Favourite Exercise

"I really like running, but I also like bodyweight exercises like squats or crunches — with a good playlist for sure."

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