Julie's 70-lb. Transformation Is About More Than Weight Loss

Anxiety negatively impacted Julie's life, to the point where her physical health was in danger. "I've always had bad anxiety ever since I was little," she admitted."I think it started when my grandfather passed away when I was 5 years old." Julie hardly ever slept and ate large portions of comfort food to cope with the emotional turmoil that stirred inside of her.  "[The eating], combined with not caring for myself got me to my highest weight of 361 lbs," she stated. Julie often arrived home exhausted from work, unwilling to exercise. "I was borderline depressed," she recalled. "I didn't know how to change it." One year ago, Julie made a commitment to lead a healthy lifestyle. "I started using PumpUp when I decided to start my weight loss journey," she recalled. "I looked everywhere for an app that was easy to use, motivating, able to connect [me] with people around the world, and find workouts to do. This app was exactly what I was looking for. The community on this app is filled with amazing people. I've never experienced any negativity."

With the help of the supportive community on PumpUp, Julie changed her eating and exercise habits. "Since using PumpUp, my life has completely turned for the better," she insisted. "I eat healthier, I portion my meals, I drink 3 liters of water a day, I try my best to exercise 5 times a week and I'm all in all happier." In order to ensure that she stays active throughout the week, Julie makes it a point to attend group fitness classes at her local gym. "Spin class is my favorite and I love Body Pump - it's a class with total body weight-based exercises and it incorporates about 1000 reps in on hour," she said proudly. "It's intense. I love it."

Julie made a 70-lb. transformation thanks to her friends on PumpUp, going from 361 lbs. to 291 lbs. She hopes to gain more strength moving forward. "I've met great friends, [and] we’ve exchanged information and we keep in touch every day," she shared. "I hope that I get to motivate someone the way that everyone on PumpUp has motivated me." Although Julie still grapples with the emotional roadblocks of her past, Julie has a great support system to help her when she needs it the most. "I’ve had to deal with my obesity, which is still a struggle today," she admitted. "I have a lot of friends, some that I’ve met through PumpUp, that are always there to help me when I’m feeling down. My anxiety has gotten better since losing the weight because I’m more confident in myself. It’s nice not having to constantly think about what others think of you."

Julie's Biggest Source of Motivation

My biggest motivation, not to sound cheesy, is my PumpUp Family! Whenever I’m putting myself down or when I’m looking for motivation, I open up my app and look at what everyone has posted. Seeing all of people’s progress makes me thrive to be like them. Seeing that someone did a workout, makes me want to go to the gym. It’s amazing how people can influence one another.

Julie's Best Advice

My best advice would be to try your best.  You will never reach your goal if you don't even try. Sure, there will be days where you don't feel like doing it.  Or you cheat and you end up eating an entire cake.  That's ok.  Always remember: tomorrow is a brand new day!  Don't put yourself down because you had one bad day. You will get where you want to be if you stay positive and believe in yourself.

Julie's Meals

I love waking up to a protein smoothie in the morning. Some chocolate vega protein powder, almond milk, a banana and some organic peanut butter all blended together is a perfect way to start my morning.  During lunch, I enjoy basmati rice with some curried chicken and 2 cups of vegetables.  At supper it's usually two cups of vegetables and either some steak, chicken or hard boiled eggs. Also, I can't forget about snacks.  It's very important to eat your snacks between each meals. It helps your metabolism to keep going and this way you don’t over eat during your meals.   I usually stick with fruit, veggies, granola bars or yogurt.

Julie's Workouts

My all-time favorite workouts would have to be between Spin class, Dancing and Yoga.  I was a little dancer back when I was younger. It's fun and you don’t even realize that you’re working out. I don’t do a lot of Yoga, but I love doing it after a big workout. It helps me stretch and helps me relax after a long day at work.

More about Julie

I’m 22 years old and I work full time at as a Daycare Teacher! In September I also started an online College course: Early Childhood Education to better myself in my career. Therefore, I wake up at 6:30am, head to work for 8am, come home at 5 and study until 11pm. My schedule hasn’t allowed me much time for the gym and working so hard has left me exhausted and stress eating. In these past couple of days I’ve been starting to meal prep so that I can at least get myself back on track. For the gym, I’m not sure what I’m going to be doing. But without a doubt I will be dancing and working out with the kids at work in the time being. I love watching them try to mimic my workouts. I hope by working out with them at such a young age of 3, that it will motivate them to become more active as they grow older.  

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