How Katie Lost 50 lbs and Gained Strength

Fast food and soda led to Katie’s downfall. Without a consistent exercise regime, Katie’s health started to deteriorate. “I was incredibly unhealthy,” she said. “I ate fast food almost everyday. Sometimes more than once a day. I drank 3-5 sodas and I never worked out.” Although Katie tried to change her habits, she got frustrated whenever her progress stagnated. “Hitting plateaus has been not only a physical challenge, but also a mental one,” she admitted. “I would work so hard and not see any results. That is when I would give up and go back to my old ways.” 

In October 2015, Katie decided to re-start her weight loss journey with the help of PumpUp. “I’ve used PumpUp to connect and support other people who are on a fitness journey - especially people who were involved in the same 21-Day Fix Program,” she shared. “My greatest fitness goal has been to move from the 21-Day Fix to the 21-Day Fix Extreme. When I first started, I modified almost every workout and had to pause the DVDs several times. [Now], I have upped my weights and can follow along most of the workouts without modifying.” 

Katie lost 50 lbs and 34 inches by practicing portion control and by exercising 6 days a week. “I knew that the plateaus wouldn’t last forever and that if I stuck to [my new habits], the weight would start coming off again,” she revealed. “Sure enough, it always did. I have good days and bad days…heck, I have good months and bad months, but I haven’t given up. There is no magic pill - just portion control and exercise."

Moving forward, Katie advises other PumpUp members to find a support system, or similar people in the community who share the same goals. "Whether it be for weight loss, getting healthy, or to be stronger, support is the only reason I have been able to not give up on achieving my goals,” she affirmed. 

Katie’s Sources of Motivation

"My husband and my 2 boys are my biggest source of motivation. My husband has committed to doing all the workouts and meal plan with me. Without him being by my side I know I would have given up months ago."

Katie’s Favourite Workout Routine

"I love all the 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts, but my favorite is the Lower Fix Extreme." 

Fun Fact about Katie

"I love to travel, but hardly ever get to. My dream destination would be Italy."

Cheer Katie on! Find her on PumpUp and Instagram @kfreems.