Liliana's Remarkable College Transformation

Exercise became one of Liliana’s top priorities when she entered college, but a few obstacles held her back. “I decided to begin my weight loss journey three years ago,” she remembered. “I went with my friends to the gym in my university. I didn’t eat a lot, but I drank a lot of alcohol.” Her days didn’t involve much physical activity before she became an avid gym-goer. “My days consisted of just going to college, doing homework, sleeping, and hanging out with my friends and my boyfriend,” she shared. “That’s all.” 

In May 2015, Liliana discovered the PumpUp community. She hasn’t turned back since. “A YouTuber I follow mentioned it once,” she revealed. “She said it was a social media platform focused on fitness. You can feel totally free to share your photos on PumpUp and everybody supports you, with no judgement. That was so true! I wanted a place to share my weight loss journey without feeling ashamed.” 

Now, Liliana incorporates physical activity into nearly every aspect of her life. She lost a total of 8 kilograms (17 lbs), but tries not to pay too much attention to the scale. At the gym, Liliana can be found weightlifting, jump-roping, cycling, running on the treadmill, doing high-intensity interval training, cycling or strolling on the elliptical. “I work at Starbucks, where you need to be active all the time,” she mentioned. “I go to the gym at least one hour a day. On the weekends, sometimes I miss the gym, but when I hang out with my boyfriend, we go to the park, we visit museums, and we’re very active in general. I get some exercise in either way.” 

Moving forward, Liliana hopes to inspire others on PumpUp to reach their goals and make a change, just as she did. “I want to help PumpUp members [by giving them] a little motivation, to make them feel as though they aren’t the only ones who are searching for a better lifestyle,” she insisted. “i’m also working for myself. We can do this together.” 

Liliana’s Best Advice

Just believe in yourself!! It takes time, patience, effort, but everything counts! You need to love yourself no matter what: self love is essential. The mental component is the hardest part. If you concentrate and believe you can do it, all the pain will be gone. First, you have to believe in yourself, and that takes time, but it is not impossible.

More about Liliana

I'm from Mexico City. I love tacos and sometimes, it's very difficult not to like them. I never thought that I could reach what I’ve already accomplished. I have to work on my diet, but like I said - with baby steps, you can reach your goal. 

Keep Liliana pumped! Find her on PumpUp @liligarciaa and on Instagram @liligl.