Break Free From Binge Eating - Here's What Jessica Did

Binge eating used to impact Jessica’s daily decisions. “My lifestyle was full of bingeing on fast foods, chocolate, and ice cream,” Jessica remembered. “I overate all the time. My only source of exercise was walking to class and being on my feet at work.” What’s more, self-doubt prohibited Jessica from making major changes to her lifestyle. “I joined the PumpUp community needing motivation and inspiration to keep me going,” she shared. “I had to deal with constant self-doubt. I’ve been using PumpUp for over a year now. I was determined to live a healthier life and learn from others.” 

With the help of the PumpUp community, Jessica mastered the art of moderation. “My lifestyle consists of a lot more home-cooked meals — incorporating fruits, vegetables, meats, and good stuff in general,” she explained. “Sometimes, I cook in bulk so that I have meals for the week and I won’t be tempted to purchase food.” Jessica is sure to exercise at least 4-5 days a week, dedicating certain days for specific muscle groups. “I don’t just do cardio, so I’m prepared when I enter the gym,” she asserted. “I [also] overcame self doubt by reminding myself that I could do anything if I put my mind to it. I had to learn to love, trust, and respect myself in order to make a positive change in my life."

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Jessica’s transformation inspires other members on PumpUp to maintain healthier habits. “While using PumpUp, I hope to reach my goal weight of 58 kilograms,” she stated. “What I feel that I’ve accomplished using PumpUp is motivating others to achieve their goals by documenting my journey to a healthier life.” 

Jessica’s Best Advice

"Always remember that it's not a diet or a fad, it's a lifestyle change that will only benefit you in the long run and there is no time limit when reaching goals. Changes happen even when you least expect them, so never give up!"

Jessica’s Favorite Exercise

"When I work out, I start and end with cardio (15-40mins each). I love to work my back and generally cable rows are my favourite!"

Jessica’s Biggest Motivation

My biggest motivations are Jessica ArevaloNikki Blackketter and my former trainer.

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