How Luz Managed Her Anxiety With Exercise

For Luz, weight gain was attached to feelings of isolation, low self-esteem, and anxiety. “I have always been a chubby girl — since the day of my wedding on October 2014, I started to gain more and more weight,” she remembered. “I never exercised. Before PumpUp, I used to eat all kinds of junky food. I spent most of the day chilling - that’s how I reached one of my heaviest weights: 76 kg (167.5 lbs).” Luz’s self esteem was on a downward spiral. “I began to eat [due to] anxiety,” she revealed. "I isolated and neglected myself. I struggled dealing with the need to eat junk food in order to feel happy - it was somehow depressing to see how my body changed. I’ve been on PumpUp since January 2014, but I forgot about the app until I reached another high point in my weight - 81 kg (178.5 lbs)."

With the help of the PumpUp community, Luz was motivated to get back on track. “Since that day, my [drive] to [better myself] was established,” she insisted. “I consider my greatest accomplishment to be the changes in my body that show with all of the effort I put in. [It’s seeing] that I have a visible waist, and a happier attitude. I hope to keep getting all the support that the marvellous people share on PumpUp."

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Now, Luz takes care of her body by exercising and eating more frequently. “I do a lot of weightlifting, some butt exercises, and some cardio for one hour per day,” she shared. “I eat one meal every 2-3 hours - so 6 meals per day. At night, I jump rope sometimes.” Luz’s transformation has manifested in emotional happiness in addition to changes in her physical appearance. “Currently, I’m weighing 77 kg (169.7 lbs), but I can see a total change in my body,” she gushed. "It’s these changes that push me to keep moving forward. All I needed to do was be patient with myself."

In the future, Luz is eager to continue her journey with the Pumpup community. “When you think that you’re stuck in your boring daily life and that you can’t do anything right, take a look on PumpUp,” she advised. “You’ll see a lot of people making their biggest effort to fight against the feeling of defeat. Shake yourself off and start to fight for what you want.” 

Luz’s Biggest Motivator

"I think it's my desire to become a healthier person and to be able to walk proudly next to my beloved husband. He has given to me so much. I feel the need of making him say that he's happy for what I am now.

Luz’s Favorite Exercise

"Star jumps wake up my body, besides I like to see my whole body in front of the mirror and see the changes."

More about Luz

"I'm still a beginner and I get tired really fast. But I'm a person with a positive attitude, so... sometimes when nobody is looking at me, I start to dance in the middle of the gym to get rid off my laziness."

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