How Melanie Regained Control Over Her Life

‘Control’ isn’t the word that Melanie would use to describe her lifestyle a few months ago. “I ate everything I was craving and [constantly had] junk food,” she admitted. “I didn’t have self-control and I didn’t care about the lifestyle I was living. I was going out multiple times every week and getting so drunk — [to the point] where I didn’t remember much the next day.” Nursing multiple hangovers and lots of negativity, Melanie realized that her lifestyle wasn’t a sustainable way to live. “I wasn’t happy with myself and I think I just resorted to going out and [being] drunk,” she mentioned. “I exercised maybe one a week and I definitely considered myself a lazy person.” 

Eight months ago, Melanie joined PumpUp in search of a change. “I heard about it on Tumblr and instantly joined,” she remembered. “I loved the idea of being around a community that everyone had the same passion for.” Now, Melanie strives to exercise every single day. Weightlifting helps her live her life with a renewed purpose. “I love seeing the results I’ve been getting and how it’s so easy for me to go to the gym now,” she gushed. “My lifestyle has changed so much - lifting has changed much more than my body. I am so much happier. I’m no longer the negative person that I used to be. I eat mainly ‘clean’ foods - but I still crave junk food every day, [so] I have a cheat meal once a week."

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There are still days where Melanie faces hardships with respect to her self-confidence and body image. “I have days where I absolutely love my body…but on some days, I look at myself in the mirror and I am not proud,” she shared. “That’s never fun to deal with. If you ever get to that point, the very best thing you can do is to look back at pictures of yourself and remember why you started this journey in the first place."

Moving forward, Melanie strives to inspire other members on PumpUp to stay committed to their goals. “I hope to inspire girls using this app, knowing that we all start somewhere,” she said. “I want to motivate them. My greatest accomplishment has actually just been getting my butt to the gym everyday. I have so many days where I struggle because I’m too tired or I have other things to do. I remember that I have my goals and I am not going to [achieve] them by sitting around. Though it’s not always easy, I’m happy I’ve made it a habit.” 

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Melanie’s Best Advice

"Be consistent with your diet and workout routine. Learn to fall in love with what you do, because it will make it that much easier and more enjoyable."

Melanie’s Greatest Source of Motivation

"The first fitness person I have ever looked [up to] was Nikki Blackketter. I look up to her so much."

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Melanie’s Favourite Exercise

"I absolutely love glute kickbacks on cable cords and supersetting it with straight-leg deadlifts! Leg day is the best day."

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