My Journey To A Healthy Pregnancy

Last November, I was surprised by the gift of discovering I was pregnant with my first child. My husband was thrilled, but my first reaction was surprisingly confusing. I always looked forward to having children one day, but for the past eight years, I've been very work-oriented and independent. Finding out about this huge and unplanned change proved to be a challenge for me. Ultimately, I knew that I was happy and blessed. My wonderful and supportive partner helped me work through my initial fears. I've been determined to have the healthiest possible pregnancy for my baby's sake, as I knew that stress would not at all be helpful.  More than anything, my mind played a huge part in helping me to have a healthy pregnancy.

Changing My Focus

Throughout my fitness journey, my focus was to lower my body fat percentage so that I could finally see all the muscle I built over the past 2 years. With baby on the way, I felt I needed to let go of that goal. I realized I had gotten to a place I was quite proud of, and I could be thankful for that. With my healthy pregnancy, I needed to simply focus on what was healthy for the life growing within me. I continued to eat a balanced diet when I could, as morning sickness soon set in. While I actually craved healthy foods, I was surprised to discover that I suddenly hated the smell and thought of bacon and garlic—two things I used to love! (This still hasn't changed even though I'm now in my second trimester.)

Changing My Routine

As soon as my nausea passed after around 10 weeks of being pregnant, I began to experience a sickness that set in every hour or so unless I ate something. If I had a snack or a meal, I felt great.  I was also struggling with major fatigue, so I allowed myself to relax my workout routine, focus on work and sleep, and be okay with 10-15 minute workouts one to three times a week. Once I could eat again and my fatigue was less intense, I was having a hard time finding my usual motivation to work out — even though I still wanted to maintain strength during my pregnancy. I begged my husband and we ended up paying for a gym membership, which has turned all that around. Now I'm back in a routine that feels healthy, and I love it.

Finding Balance

There are two main lessons I've been taught throughout my healthy pregnancy. First, one has to learn to absolutely relax inwardly. Second, listening to your body is more important than ever. I have found enough balance in myself at this point that I can tell if I need food, sleep, or exercise.  My excitement for the child that is coming is sky high. I got to hear their heartbeat two weeks ago and it was so amazing that I almost wept with joy. I am working with a midwife as I plan to give birth in my own home, and I am so thankful and excited for this new turn of life. I keep working with relaxation tactics to keep my health as well as baby's first. And all this time, PumpUp has continued to motivate me to never give up on my goals for a healthy life.

This post was penned by PumpUp member @bodysoulspiritfitness, a teacher and movement artist with a passion for healthy living and adventure. Follow her blog here.