Garrett Gottlieb

Namastay in Bed: 5 Yoga Poses For Sleep

Garrett Gottlieb
Namastay in Bed: 5 Yoga Poses For Sleep

 Yoga offers many different poses that can help us relax and feel better. Often, yoga is used as an intervention for sleepless nights. Yoga practitioners are rarely victims of sleep disruptions because they can overcome this problem with their frequent yoga practice.

There are tons of yoga regimens that you can do to improve your sleep quality. If you have been feeling perplexed lately, then doing yoga can help to alleviate your stress and mental strains. Of course, yoga and any other exercises can help in relieving depression and anxiety as well.

If you are encountering any sleeping difficulties, yoga poses can help you out! Here are 5 yoga poses for sleep that you should really consider doing:

Child's Pose

Balasana (child’s pose) is considered a resting pose. By doing a fetal position, it helps to relax your thighs and back. It is an effective means to remove back pain and improve physical and mental serenity. By doing this yoga pose, you can sleep a lot easier. You should aim to perform this move five hours after a heavy meal for best results.

1. First, kneel on the floor and sit on your heels. Make sure that your toes are close together.
2. Once comfortable, start spreading your knees. Ideally, the spread should be a wide as your hip. After this, you can start inhaling.
3. Bend your body forward and have your torso lay on your thighs while you are exhaling. 
4. You should also stretch your hands in front of you. Maintain this position until such time you feel relaxed already. You can also roll your head from side to side to give it a little massage.


Hero Pose

Doing the Virasana (Hero Pose) is a strategic means to calm and relax your body, through breathing and meditation. For people who have trouble sleeping, this particular yoga pose can help them get a pleasant evening rest. Furthermore, it is an excellent way to relax your legs after a tiring day.  It is also known that Virasana is an excellent alternative for various types of sitting meditation such as Lotus. Here’s how to perform this powerful pose:

 1. Sit on a floor comfortably. Your thighs should be perpendicular so that you can have better balance. Furthermore, the inner knees should be close to each other.

2. Next, set your feet apart with the width of slightly broader with your hips. The top of your feet should be touching the floor.

 3. When exhaling, your torso should have a slight forward bend. Place your hands in front and above your knees. Your shoulder should be broadened and stiffed as well.

 4. When inhaling, return your body to a straight position. Try to keep and maintain this routine for one to three minutes until you feel relaxed.

 You can comfortably relax after doing Virasana. Helping to sleep peacefully is achievable through this yoga pose.


Big Toe Pose

The Padangusthasana (Big Toe) helps to improve the functions of the kidneys and liver. It can also help in stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. The latter, when activated, can help release the tension of the body--making it feel more relaxed for sleep. Here are the steps to perfecting this move:

 1. Stand with your feet slightly apart.

2. Next, start folding forward with your hips as the central point. Once fully bent, you should grip the big toes with the use of your middle, index, and thumb finger of both of your hands.

3. Do deep breathing exercises for one to three minutes.


Fire Log Pose

The Agnistambhasana (fire log pose) is an iconic yoga pose. This one is commonly practiced due to its relaxing and therapeutic effects. It will help you release the tension that you feel starting from the hips up to the various groups of muscles in your body. Before bedtime, you should do this pose to feel more sedated and comfortable.  

1. Start by doing an Indian sitting position. The bend of your knees should have a sharp 90-degree angle. Also, don't forget that your right foot should be over the left foot so that the right shin is clasped against the top part of the left foot.

2. If the said position causes pain your hip joints, you could adjust it by moving your left foot nearer to the pelvis.  

3. When you are breathing, try to stretch your hands forward. This will cause your hip to stretch--enabling it to release more tension. Maintain this position for two to three minutes until such time you feel relaxed.


Extended Puppy Pose

If you sit for extended periods, it is pretty expected that your back will suffer the consequences. As a result, you can take these aching sensations back to your home and into your sleep.  

The Extended Puppy Pose is an excellent method to help ease back pain. This pose causes new blood to be pumped throughout your body. It also helps in removing the tension in the posterior part of your body.

The massage in the forehead in this pose can stimulate the pituitary glands, which helps in the regulation of the sleep-wake cycle.

 1. Do the Agnistambhasana pose. Next, roll your upper body forward. Make sure that the hips are stacked above the knees.

 2. Once in this position, use your fingers to stretch your hands and body even further. While on this position, your elbows have to remain lifted. Meanwhile, your forehead should be in contact with the ground.

3. Massage your forehead by moving it gently from left to right and vice-versa. Keep doing this position for a minute or until such time you feel relaxed.


Final Thoughts

Yoga is an efficient method to sleep better. It doesn't cost you anything, but the improvements that it can bring to your body is something that you can genuinely feel. Next time that you will encounter sleeping difficulties, do these yoga poses to help alleviate stress and feel better overall!

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Written by: Layla Parker
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