Why Nasya is No Longer an Emotional Eater

When it came to dealing with stressful situations, Nasya turned to food as a source of comfort. “I was never a motivated person when it came to weight loss,” she remembered. “I’d keep to it for a month, see no change, and give up. I’d only realized how big I’d gotten when I was preparing to be a bridesmaid. I had to order a dress and I realized that I had ballooned by 2 sizes in 8 months.” Nasya would skip breakfast, hardly drank water, and hardly exercised. “I’d go home and snack on anything in the house, like biscuits before eating bean burgers and cheese and chips for dinner,” she described. “I sat around wallowing in food with aching joints and terrible self-confidence. 13+ stone (180+ lbs) and unhappy.” 

In May 2015, Nasya joined PumpUp to get her lifestyle on track. “I saw PumpUp as a way of motivating myself when I didn’t have the willpower,” she shared. “I thought that it would help me, but I [didn’t know] the impact it would have on my life. Thanks to PumpUp, for the first time ever, I own bikinis and will be wearing them with pride this summer. It’s something I never thought I’d do. I’m 9.5 stone and happy.” Nasya's lifestyle is far more active than before. She incorporates a lot of walking, running, swimming, group workouts, and fitness DVDs into her routine. As far as eating goes, Nasya does not condone deprivation. "I still have takeout with my friends, fairly regularly - at least once a month or every two months,” she admitted. “I eat chocolate almost weekly and never deprive myself. I eat in moderation. Anyone who knows me will tell you…I love food.”

Though balanced eating habits and regular exercise drastically transformed her health, Nasya still contends with various obstacles on a daily basis. "In 2014, I developed a phobic disorder which lead me to being vegetarian - [it’s] something I still am now,” she described. "I suffer from panic attacks and this has makes it difficult not to binge and comfort eat when I am stressed or down. I overcome this by taking a few moments to think about how far I have come both in my mental journey and my fitness journey and this helps me to continue. Also, a few years ago, I broke my fibula in two places in my right leg (the dominant side). As a result, the muscles in my ankle and knees are weak, but this has gotten better since my weight loss and fitness journey."

Moving forward, Nasya will be using PumpUp to achieve her future fitness goals. “I hope to get to my goal weight, lose some more body fat, and get fitter,” she shared. “I want to improve my stamina, but in particular, I’d like to maintain this lifestyle using PumpUp and make sure that I never feel as low as I did then.My greatest fitness accomplishment is the fact that I never used to be able to walk up the stairs without panting and aching. Now, I can work out for over an hour and feel alive and happy afterwards."

Nasya's Daily Meals

"I aim to keep to roughly 1350-1400 calories a day in order to reach my goals. I wake up and have a good breakfast: whether it’s a strawberry shake with almond milk or banana and toast, I make sure I am fuelled for the day. I then get lunch from Tesco but go with sandwich thins with some cheese and cucumber. Sometimes I have fruit or and egg and cress sandwich. For dinner, I eat a Mexican bean burger with salad and jacket potatoes on a normal day. Sometimes, I have a vegetable stir fry or curry, or my favourite homemade healthy pizzas with a tortilla wrap as a base and half fat Italian mozzarella!"

Nasya's Best Advice

"Drink more water. It will help your journey hugely. Walk as much as you can - it burns so many calories and tones at the same time! Never say “I’ll start tomorrow”. Start that day. It’s never too late in the day to turn it around! Lastly, do it for you. You have to live in your body for the rest of your life, so take care of it."

Nausea’s Greatest Source of Motivation

"My biggest source if motivation is me. You cannot get anywhere unless you want it for yourself and your life. However, my boyfriend Harrison has been amazing throughout it all (he used to want to be a personal trainer, so that helped). He has never forced me to keep to it - he has only supported me in my journey, with his normal motto being, “I just want you to be happy in yourself”. Now I am, and I couldn’t have done it without him.

Nasya’s Favorite Exercise

"My favourite exercise is probably a ski squat. It's not as painful for my knees, and it allows me to maintain my big bum (which I love). I also really enjoy swimming, cycling and iceskating, they're fun and keep you fit."

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