Phoebe Shares Her Best Tips For Keeping Active and Motivated

Phoebe Shares Her Best Tips For Keeping Active and Motivated

This Transformation Tuesday we have a special feature with member @ppimm29. Phoebe is a competitive cheerleader from the UK. She’s always looking to shake up her workouts and keep active, and uses PumpUp to connect with like-minded fitness enthusiasts. She’s a true representation of what #TeamPumpUp is all about, and a great inspiration for our entire community. We chatted with her to learn what keeps her motivated to reach her goals:

PumpUp Name: ppimm29
PumpUp Member Since: June 2014
Current Location: London, United Kingdom
Favourite Workout Song: Macklemore - Can’t Hold Us
Mantra: Train insane or remain the same

Who are your top 3 favourite people to follow on PumpUp? What do you admire most about them?

My favourite account to follow is the @PumpUp account itself. I love this account, as the content is always changing, and it provides me with great workouts and motivational posts. The monthly hashtags and challenges really bring the community together, and allows me to view other people’s progress through searching the hashtag. I’m constantly finding and following new accounts, so I definitely don’t have just one or two favourites. I like accounts that aim to motivate others with things such as transformation photos and motivational speeches, as well as sharing healthy meal or workout ideas.


What advice would you share with someone who’s looking to keep motivated?

We all know staying motivated can be hard, especially when progress is slow, but the most important thing to remember is that nothing changes overnight. Losing weight and keeping fit is not a quick process, and it can be easy to give up when you’re not getting quick results. I personally find that the PumpUp app is my best way of staying motivated, as sharing pictures each time I workout shows me the progress I otherwise wouldn’t notice. Sometimes, like everyone, I go off track and find myself very inactive on PumpUp, but as soon as I’m back posting photos and following other’s fitness journeys I get right back to where I was, and begin to see progress yet again. My advice would be to not let yourself get caught up in the ‘perfect image’ and instead focus on seeing your body change the way it should by eating right and getting in the gym. Once you start to see progress, you won’t want to stop.

What’s a new, healthy habit you’re working on? 

A new, healthy habit I’m working on is to ensure that I get some exercise in every day. Although I train with my cheerleading team three times a week, those other days are vital for my fitness progression. After sitting in an office all day it can be easy to skip the gym and head straight home for the sofa, but by booking into daily classes at my gym and receiving reminders each day I’m working to keep active at least six days a week.

What's your favourite way to keep active? 

My favourite way to stay active is alongside my 22 team mates on my Cheerleading team at Surrey Starlets. I’ve been a competitive cheerleader for 6 years now, and I have to say that although it is hard work I couldn’t imagine life without it! For many people, cheerleading is viewed as prancing around with pompoms cheering for a local football team, however Allstar Cheerleading is much more than that. Cheerleading includes a variety of gymnastics, acrobatics and dance and is a very intense ‘not a sport’ sport. It gives you the ultimate satisfaction from winning a competition that you’ve worked so hard for, and you not only get to see individual progress, but you also get to share that journey with your team which are like family. Being on a competitive cheerleading team has definitely kick-started my fitness, and the hardcore training and conditioning is my favourite way to stay fit, whether that’s on the mat with my team, or working on my fitness in the gym. 

What is a fitness or health goal that you're most proud of?

I don’t like to set timed health or fitness goals (E.g lose 3kg by the end of November) as there are so many circumstances that can affect this, and it can just lead to disappointment and loss of motivation when a goal isn’t reached. Instead I just focus on my progress and use pictures to ensure that I’m seeing my body change for the better. Time constraints can lead to dangerous methods to achieve what you want, and the point of PumpUp is to help motivate ourselves and others to achieve our health and fitness goals in a sustainable, healthy way. If I had to choose a ‘goal’ that I’m most proud of, it would simply be the progress I’ve seen since joining PumpUp, which can be seen through my latest Transformation photo.


What's your favourite thing about PumpUp? How has PumpUp helped you reach your fitness goals?

My favourite thing about PumpUp is the support I receive from fellow users. Seeing strangers complimenting me about my progress and giving me tips and advice really pushes me to keep going. A lot of my friends have never even stepped foot inside a gym, so it’s nice to get support from somewhere, as those around me can often have the opposite effect on my motivation. PumpUp’s workout builder has helped me hugely in reaching my fitness goals. When I first started going to the gym, I wasn’t really sure what I was doing. Being able to build my own workouts, as well as trying those others had made, which included detailed guides on the app really helped me to find what works best for me and focus on the right muscles in each workout.

What's your post-workout fuel?

My post-workout fuel after being at the gym is one of the fresh fruit smoothies they offer in the café at David Lloyd. My favourite is the ‘Pash n Shoot’ (Passion fruit, mango, banana and coconut water) smoothie with 30g of vanilla protein powder. This gives me the boost I need after a workout, with the protein helping me to build muscle, and the fruit giving me one of my five a day.

What makes you feel the most confident?

Noticing changes in my body such as more definition in my abs, more toned legs, or slimmer hips makes me feel like I’m on top of the world. I’m naturally a confident person, but seeing progress and knowing other people have noticed it just gives me that extra boost of confidence I need that makes me strive for more.

What advice would you give to someone new to the PumpUp community?

The advice I would give to someone new to PumpUp would be to never give up. When you’re just starting out things can get hard and you might not be noticing the progress you had hoped for, but this is the time that matters the most. If you can get through the mental barrier and set a routine for yourself, you will be well on your way to reaching your goals. Following lots of pages for inspiration and motivation is one of the best things to do, and make sure to track your own progress with photos so you can see just how far you’ve come. Don’t be shy to speak to other users and get advice for what works for them, and don’t be ashamed if you fall down, the PumpUp community will be there to help you back on track.

Thanks Phoebe! Connect with Phoebe and support her in her progress by following her @ppimm29 on PumpUp!