Give Your Skin a Post-Yoga Boost

The benefits of doing yoga are so enormous that everyone that has ever taken yoga lessons once, never wants to stop. When you do it right, not only will your body be at its finest when it comes to your level of fitness, but you will also be more flexible, limber, and in tune with your body. More importantly, you will learn how to breathe properly and will feel like you have been breathing the wrong way your whole life before yoga. You will achieve inner serenity and calm, which are crucial in today’s stress-filled world, learn to drown out all the noise and focus on the things that truly matter.

Last but not least, yoga has amazing effects on your skin.

Yoga – A Path to Glowing Skin

The way yoga works for your skin starts with proper blood circulation to the head and face area, which in turn gives you a naturally beautiful skin tone. Every movement has a meaning; every movement has its rewards.

So, for example, the fish pose helps normalize hormonal imbalance and relaxes muscles making the skin more flexible and firm; the plough pose increases the blood flow to your head and face, resulting in a natural glow, and the shoulder stand attacks acne and breakouts. As said, every movement has its perks, and the Art of Living can serve as a wonderful guide to all yoga neophytes, providing you with different positions and their effects on your health and general wellbeing.


Skin’s Little Helpers

Yes, yoga does wonders for your skin, but that does not mean that after an intense and sweaty workout, your skin is not craving an energy boost. Luckily, there are products that help moisturize and energize your precious face, and you should always have these on the go so you are always ready to spruce up your beauty after the session+shower routine. Luckily, there is always a specialized skincare store where you can find all your essentials for full skin recovery and rejuvenation after a taxing activity.

The first thing you need after a refreshing and relaxing shower is a good cleanser. Your pores will be open and this is the right moment to get in there and remove all the remaining impurities. Your next step is a toner mist – just spritz it all over your face and neck area to get that instant freshness and external hydration. To provide your face with much needed moisture, never forget to put a moisturizing cream in your gym bag as this is the final and most important step of your post-workout care.

If you have places to be after, you can kill two birds with one stone and go for a tinted moisturizer that also evens out your skin tone and covers minor imperfection by giving you that mild coverage. Add a bit of two-in-one (blush + lip tint balm) product to the mix, and you will be ready to go from gym to fab in a matter of minutes.


Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

Skincare products are very important, especially for active people, but the importance of sufficient water intake can never be emphasized enough. There is a reason why water is the source of all life, and why it is important to stay hydrated.

Do not wait to get thirsty – that is a sign that your body is already dehydrated. For those who lead active lives – who engage in different sports activities, yoga included, keeping hydrated is all the more important. Those who practice it, know all too well how much sweat and effort it takes to complete a yoga class, and how much water is necessary to replenish the strength and make up for the lost fluid. This of course, will immediately reflect on your skin – well hydrated and cared for skin is healthy skin indeed.  

Final pearls of wisdom: Do not scrub after you exercise. Most people have sensitive skin after class, the blood is pumping and it is almost overly stimulated, therefore a scrub or anything like that afterwards can be too intense. Keep it gentle and carry on.

Sophia Smith is Australian based  fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger. She is very passionate about organic skincare, yoga and healthy living. Sophia writes mostly in beauty related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is regular contributor at How to Simplify, High Style Life, Natural Path, Vegan Edition, Nuzest, Modern Chic Mag and many other blogs and magazines.

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