Introducing PumpUp #RealResolutions for 2017

2017 is here!  🎉 With a New Year comes a blank slate - the opportunity to become newer, better versions of ourselves. But... we all know that the big resolutions we set often fizzle out after just a few weeks.  🙄 So, this year we’re taking a stand to end the cycle of unrealistic resolutions with #RealResolutions!

#RealResolutions is a month long video series highlighting raw and honest stories from members of the PumpUp community who achieved their health and fitness goals in 2016! 🌟 Each story shares unique insight into their struggles and triumphs, with tried and true advice for sticking to, and accomplishing your resolutions this year.

Have a resolution you're striving to reach this year? Share your story with hashtag #RealResolutions on the PumpUp app!

Watch the teaser here:

Get ready. The first #RealResolutions story drops January 3rd! Together, we can make 2017 the year of truly becoming the best versions of ourselves.
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