Say "No!" - Here's Why Eating Disorders Are Not an Option

In today’s world, there are many options to lose weight. They can range from healthy alternatives to destructive choices. Sadly, the destructive choices are widely prevalent within the fitness world.  We have to take a stand to not follow the crowd and say NO!

SAY NO to anorexia. SAY NO to bulimia. SAY NO to drastic purges. SAY NO to damaging diet pills. SAY NO to binge eating disorders and many others. If you suffer from any of these, tell yourself that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Health, strength and happiness should be the only option. Countless girls and women of all ages around the world feel the need to go to extremes. They think that eating disorders are fast and easy ways to shed pounds.  In reality, what it really sheds is your health, happiness and well-being, putting you at risk for multiple critical diseases down the line.

Our bodies aren't only comprised of fat. They're made up of muscles, organs, veins, blood cells, and bones. When we take ourselves to extremes, it affects EVERYTHING. With an eating disorder, you think you might only be getting rid of fat. In reality, you'll also be chipping away at your muscle, undermining the productivity of your organs, lessening the vitality of your cells, and subduing the strength of your bones. Everything has a chain reaction.

You may think that you are fine while you deprive yourself, but slowly - you're weakening and shutting down every part of your body one by one.IS IT WORTH IT? NO. Not at all! You are worth so much more. Your body deserves love and care. You deserve to be happy, strong and free. Always remember that. Take a stand and eat healthy to care for those organs. Take a stand and exercise to increase the power and energy within your body. TAKE A STAND TO BE MIGHTY.

This post was written by PumpUp member and Trinidadian artist Tweetii. Learn more about her here.