Use This Skateboard Workout to Engage Your Core

Use This Skateboard Workout to Engage Your Core

Reject the notion that you need an expensive gym membership or fancy equipment to get healthy. Take what you have on hand and use it to the best of your abilities. This routine features an unlikely exercise companion: the skateboard. 

As demonstrated by @elisesbodyshop, a skateboard can engage your core in many creative ways. Keep your body guessing by daring to train differently. All you need is a bit of inspiration to stay healthy and strong.

The Ultimate Skateboard Workout

Do each exercise for 30 seconds, 2-3 sets of each.

  • Pop out to chest tap
  • Opposite knee drive
  • Plank lift with kick
  • Table top alternating kickback
  • Travel push-ups
  • Travel planks

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Video: @elisesbodyshop
Photo: @fitnboard