Spring Vacation Spots That Will Be Sure To Keep You Active

With warmer weather on the way, many active-minded people have started planning vacations that’ll keep them on the move. The possibilities below are sure to spark inspiration if you’re looking for an adventure that involves something more than just lying on the beach.


The Mile High City is packed with opportunities to enjoy the Great Outdoors against a splendid Rocky Mountain backdrop. If you’re a skateboard enthusiast, be sure to head to the Denver Skate Park, known as one of the most renowned in the country. Also, there areover 80 miles of trails to explore in Denver, from mountain paths to urban sections.


Although Austin is known for its rich music scene, it has a lot more to offer if you’re not into gigs and groupies. Check out Town Lake, where you can go paddle boarding or hop into a canoe. Also, don’t miss Barton Springs Pool, a point of interest formed by naturally occurring hot springs. The pool spreads across three acres and has an average temperature of 68-70 degrees, so you could even come back to enjoy a visit to this destination during the fall or winter after your first warm-weather trip.


Often mentioned for being Thomas Jefferson’s home and the location of the University of Virginia, Charlottesville is a hotbed of culture, and where the Dave Matthews Band got its start. There are also enticing ways to stay active. 

Stroll the brick-lined pedestrian areas of the Downtown Mall, or go to Riverview Park and hike the Rivanna Trail. The portion of the trail that begins at the park is paved and only has a slight to moderate incline in most areas, making it a good pick if you are traveling with young kids who need strollers. 

If hiking isn’t your thing, consider lifting off into a hot air balloon. That method of transport could offer you unforgettable views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.


The scenic setting of Grand Lake and wealth of activities to explore make this destination a perpetual favorite with retirees, but you’re sure to find plenty to do there no matter how old you are. Perfect your form during sessions on the green by purchasing golf packages from Patricia Island Estates and Golf Club. Alternatively, spend some time enjoying water sports on the Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees, or prep your fishing pole, since this lake is noted for being one of the nation’s top bass fishing spots. 


Situated near the Everglades, this spot offers the chance to take part in platform camping, meaning you can camp right on the water and paddle a boat between platforms and to get around. Alternatively, board a boat for a different purpose and head to Keewaydin Island, which is only accessible by watercraft. As a result, you’ll be in for the interesting experience of buying refreshments from a vendor in a boat, rather than a food truck. 


This is the sixth largest island in the contiguous United States, and many people visit it to explore Acadia National Park. It’s one of the country’s busiest national parks, but can be difficult to fully enjoy in the winter due to heavy snowfall. While there, climb to the top of Cadillac Mountain to marvel at the sunset or bike your way down a 45-mile carriage road that’s not open to cars. Also, discover Bar Harbor, the largest town on Mount Desert Island, and home to music venues, bars and restaurants.


This destination is where you’ll find Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve. It’s only accessible through a guided tour, and you have to book tickets in advance through the Conservation Trust. Visitors board a tram that stops at various places you can explore, from a mangrove forest to a lighthouse.

Elsewhere in Fajardo, Las Croabas Lagoon is also worth your time. It’s an excellent spot for snorkeling and kayaking. When you’re ready to take a breather, be sure to check out one of the nearby restaurants, or grab some food from one of the vendors and enjoy it on one of the waterside benches.

Now you have many ideas of places that could satisfy both your wanderlust and need to engage your adventurous side while on vacation. Now that the temperatures are rising with the changing seasons, there’s no better time to start planning an itinerary and packing a suitcase. 

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