Try this Squat Workout for your Lower Body

Building a bigger bum seems to be trending for 2016. However, building a healthy and fit body should always be on trend! I designed a workout routine that my lower body responds well to and I'm sharing it below. Not only does this circuit lift and tone the rump roast, it strengthens your legs as well.  I was never #blessed with much back there, so I have to really work hard to build and maintain my backside. The saying 'Shake what your mama gave you' is no fun when your mama didn't give you much of anything.

I did hurt my hamstrings during dance tryouts a few months back and recovering has been a slow process, but I try to do all things in moderation. I like to do a lot of repetitions:

1. Because I've built up the endurance to be able to do so over the past few months. 

2. With me not squatting as low as I normally would, if my hamstring was in tip top shape, this high repetition ensures I'm targeting all the right muscles. 

I remember starting with just 15 squats a day because I thought squats were really boring and they kind of hurt my knee, but once I started incorporating other moves like sumo squats and squat kickbacks I realised squats could be fun! Whaaat. That's right - squats can be fun... I like to do my squat routines to specific songs because I know that, at the end of this song, I would have done X amount of squats.

If you have an injury, depending on the severity, there are always modifications you can do. For a few weeks, I was only able to do the clamshell but what I lacked in movement, I made up for in engagement. What I mean was that I made each repetition count by squeezing my derrière. Squeeze squeeze squeeze. 

Here is the workout routine that can be modified depending on your fitness level! I like to zoom through this with minimal rest between movements. 

  • Regular Squats 50-100
  • Pulse Squats 50-100
  • Sumo Squats- 50-100
  • Sumo Squats w/ Calf Raise 25-50
  • Pulse Sumo Squat w/ Calf Raise25
  • Turning Jump Squat 4 Rotations
  • (Do however many squats a you want in between)
  • Squat Side Step 3X15
  • Squat Side Kick 3X15
  • Clamshells 50-100 (each side)

Repeat this three times a week for a noticeable difference in your rump!

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