Stay Hydrated and Cool While Getting Your Work Out On this Summer

Ah, sweet summertime. It’s sweltering hot outside, but you’re trying to maintain that summer bod. How do you keep up with your workouts while staying hydrated and not overheating? There are many ways — you just have to get creative. And follow some of these helpful tips.


Check the outdoor temperature

The temperature outside affects your body temperature. Adding the humidity of the summer months increases your chances of getting sick due to the heat. The high temperatures plus high humidity can cause heatstroke, make you feel lightheaded and lead to fainting. Checking the outdoor temperature before you go for a run can prevent you from getting sick, which can lead to such serious things as organ failure, brain damage and death.

If the temperature is too high when you’re ready to work out, go back to the third tip in this article and stick with working out indoors. That would be your safest bet.


Drink plenty of water

Everybody knows hydration is important, and that drinking water is the number one way to stay hydrated. Keeping an environmentally friendly and reusable water bottle with you at all times helps.  Also, keep track of the signs that you’re dehydrated. Make sure you are urinating regularly and that your urine is a light color. Other dehydration symptoms include dry mouth, lightheadedness, headache and fatigue. Drink more water if you notice these signs.  


Eat fruit

You don’t just have to get your hydration through drinking water. Fruit is another great source. Some of the most hydrating fruits include watermelon, grapes and grapefruit. Other foods that provide hydration include chicken breasts and soup.


Stay indoors

Some days it will simply be too hot to step foot outside let alone try to go for a jog. If this is the case, it’s best to stay indoors to get your workout in. Go to your local gym and hop on the treadmill instead, take a yoga class or buy some personal free weights and work out at home. You have lots of options.


Wear the right clothing

During the summer, you will want to wear breathable clothing while working out to keep yourself cool. Wear clothing that you will be comfortable in that that will keep you dry. Avoid cotton T-shirts, as they tend to absorb sweat and weigh you down.


Change your type of exercise

You know what they say — variety is the spice of life! So why not switch up your exercise routine? Go for something more summertime friendly, like swimming. This type of exercise is the total package. It’s cardio, which is good for your heart, while keeping you cool. It helps with flexibility, and in the meantime, you’re building strength. It’s great for people of all ages. And it can ease the tension of achy joints and muscles. Doesn’t get any better than that.


Shorter workouts

Perhaps in the fall and spring months you can run for two hours straight, but summer is a different story. The heat just takes it out of you. If you prefer to exercise outdoors, then it’s best to opt for a shorter workout.

Even if you are working out indoors, keep it shorter during summertime so you don’t wear yourself out. Chances are you are slightly less hydrated than you would be in the fall or spring. Combining shorter workouts with drinking plenty of water will keep you in good shape.


Wear sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen is important all year long, but even more so during the summer — especially if you’re going to be exercising outside with the harsh summertime sun beating down on you.

The importance of sunscreen is immense. We know it prevents sunburn and guards against damage to the skin, which can cause cancer. Find a high-quality sunscreen to wear during outdoor exercise, and reapply it when you start to sweat it all off.


Exercise during cooler hours

If you prefer to work out outside during the summertime, it’s best to do so during hours when it’s not so hot and humid out. These times would be in the morning and evening when the weather is cooler. Refer back to the fifth tip about checking the temperature outside before you decide to head outdoors for your workout.


Go easy

Taking it a little bit easier during the summertime will help you maintain stamina while working out. The heat and humidity can leave you physically exhausted, so it’s best to get adequate rest in between workouts. And, of course, stay hydrated.


Utilize these tips to help preserve your physical fitness — and that summertime bod — throughout the heat of the summer. It’s important to stay on track with your workouts even during this time of year.

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