The One Ingredient You Must Have to Succeed

Success can mean many different things to different people. There is career success and personal success. Fitness goals are all about personal strength and motivation. This falls under the personal success category.

If you goal is to get in better shape or lose a few pounds, then I will tell you the secret that will guarantee your success. And, if you can win at the game of personal challenges, you are more likely to succeed at career goals as well.

There is no doubt about it. We all face many different types of personal challenges in our lives.  Some can seem easy to jump over, while others may be more difficult or seem nearly impossible to overcome. The great thing is, you get to decide what your goal is.

What is your goal?

Do you want to lose 10 pounds or 50?  Do you want to run 1 mile or 20? Do you want to build strength or endurance? Do you plan to train for a marathon or triathlon? When you make a goal, you have to make a commitment to yourself to reach it.

Here’s what you need for success

The one thing you must have is: belief. This may sound oversimplified, but it is true. You have got to believe you can do it. I am writing about the power of your own mind and the certainty you must have to achieve anything. It doesn’t matter what your personal goal is, or the type of career you are in, or what your background is. You can get there no matter how many people criticize you or compete against you.

Everyone underestimates the power found in the human mind. I am describing the ultimate power of the human spirit. People do incredible and unbelievable things every day. You don’t have to look far to find people who are successful because they shine. They are at the top of their game, no matter what game it is.

If you study the lives of people who have been successful at sports or in their careers, and really made a difference in the world, you will find that most of them did it, when no one thought they could.

Work to better yourself

Success is not so much about winning a race or making a lot of money, but doing something extraordinary.  Anything you do that betters yourself is extraordinary, when you consider the price you had to pay to get there.

People are successful at what they do simply because they believe they can, and this is often contrary to many other people who argue that they can’t do it.

Don’t let anything stop you

The point is, that if you want to succeed, you have to hold your desire in your mind and channel all you energy into it. You can’t give into doubts or fears about what you want to do, and you can’t believe other people who doubt if you can do it. First and foremost, you have to believe it yourself. And that is the power to get you there. It’s all up to you.

Don’t be against yourself

I’m not a famous athlete or superwoman, but I am an achiever who has overcome many obstacles to do what I have done in my life. The obstacles I have faced may seem small to other people, but to me they have been huge. I grew up as a competitive swimmer, so I learned to push myself from an early age. I used to think the odds were always against me, whenever I faced failure or disappointment in life, but now I realize that my only problem was that I was against myself. When I discovered what the problem was, I decided to believe in myself and from that point on, I have been successful at nearly everything I have set out to do.

How I define success

I have a few personal goals that I am working on. Besides my weight loss and fitness goals, I plan to launch my own business, so I am working on that.  There is no doubt in my mind that I will reach my goals because I have the right attitude to get there. I plan to publish my writing and photography by creating cards, books, prints and a variety of other products. I am learning about vendors and marketing strategies, so I can promote my business and be successful.

I realize there are many other websites who make similar types of photo products, such as cards and photobooks, but that doesn’t matter to me, because I know the quality of my work is good and I expect to be successful. From my perspective, I know I have what it takes, and I am willing to do the work necessary to achieve all my goals. If you want to achieve something, you have what it takes to get there, too.

How belief will help you succeed

If you have the power of belief, you can face just about any obstacle.

The truth is, that fear really has no power in your mind unless you give it power and believe it will stop you. The power you and I and everyone else inherently has, is the power of positive thinking and how it can manifest change in your life.

People who give up trying are those who don’t think they can do something, so of course they fall short.  I have seen it time and time again in my life, and I am convinced that this is the one thing that anyone needs more than anything to succeed.  Believe in yourself and you can do most anything.

About the Author

Hi, I’m Karen. I’m a small town Idaho girl, railroader’s daughter, spiritual seeker, writer, photographer, artist, mountain climber, wildflower enthusiast, traveler, cyclist, swimmer, storyteller, photoshop ninja, obsessive about writing positive quotes and an old fashioned mom and country girl. I have high aspirations about loving life, inspiring others and  living my dreams. I believe anything is possible. Write me at, send me a Tweet at idaho1111, or jump on over to my new website at You can see some of my writing at my Google+page.