How Alexis Transformed Her Life in Under 1 Year

Meet this week’s PumpUp member, @alexisceleste. Between building new healthy habits and keeping motivated to hit the gym regularly, this California teen is living her best life with PumpUp. Learn more about her journey:

PumpUp Name: alexisceleste
PumpUp Member Since: April 2016
Current Location: Moreno Valley, California
Favourite Workout Song: Rose - ABRA
Mantra: Your life will go in the direction of your most dominant thoughts.

July 2015 to September 2016 Transformation

July 2015 to September 2016 Transformation

Who are your top 3 favourite people to follow on PumpUp? What do you admire most about them?

My favorite people on PumpUp are @balancingforlife, @lauragully and @danimeza96. Apart from their awesome bodies, I admire their work ethic and love for the sport. They are proof that hard work pays off.


What advice would you share with someone who’s looking to keep motivated?

  1. Just think about the results that can come out of it in a few months and think of exercising and training as a part of loving and taking care of yourself. Even though it may seem like a long time until you reach your goal, either way the time will pass so put that time to good use. The hardest part of exercising is starting.
  2. Take progress pictures of yourself. You may not see much difference daily, but seeing how far you’ve come should motivate you to continue as you see yourself getting closer to your goal. That’s something I regret because I don’t have a photo of how I looked when I first started.
  3. Music can make a big difference, especially when doing cardio; so get yourself a playlist with all your favorites and kick butt.
  4. Download the PumpUp app. The motivation and free advice are limitless and you get to relate to people who are just like you. Seeing other people transform their lives can inspire you to do the same.


What’s a new, healthy habit you’re working on?

Getting enough sleep and going to bed at the right time. Sleep is essential for our bodies to recharge and repair and without it we could experience physical and mental fatigue. I tend to go to bed at 2:00 am so now I’m trying to be in bed by 12:00 am which is still not ideal but it is a start.


What's your favourite way to keep active?

My favorite way to keep active is going to the gym. The gym is like a playground to me. Somedays I don’t feel into it but as soon as I enter the gym I get an adrenaline rush. I also enjoy dancing. I’m listening to music almost all the time and I can’t keep still when listening to music that I enjoy so I am either dancing or walking around the counter in circles!


What is a fitness or health goal that you're most proud of?

I’m most proud of my physical and mental transformation. Just last year nobody could get me to exercise and eat vegetables. I was always the slowest runner in high school and I had a negative attitude towards exercise. I would always say that I hated it and try to find a quick fix to lose weight because I was unhappy with the way I looked. What forced me to start exercising and eating healthily was when two pants buttons fell off while I was trying to button up. I noticed that I was gaining an unhealthy amount of weight and realized I had to do something about it. In just under a month of exercise I noticed I was shedding fat and my entire mentality changed for the better. Exercise made me a happier and healthier person.


What's your favourite thing about PumpUp? How has PumpUp helped you reach your fitness goals?

I love that PumpUp is made up of people who all share a common goal and strive to better themselves. It is filled with positivity and reminders that we can all do it. It is truly motivational. When I joined PumpUp I was just beginning my fitness journey and I didn’t know how to eat healthily. The only healthy food I could picture was a salad. Before using PumpUp, I didn’t see the results I wanted because of poor nutrition so when I started using the app I gathered a lot of knowledge from users who would post their meals.  Also, it has given me a lot of motivation. Seeing other users in the gym working hard and reaching goals inspired me to continue the right path and do the same.

What’s your post-workout fuel?

Premier Protein (Whey Protein) to feed the gains.


What makes you feel the most confident?

Seeing myself in the mirror and remembering where I started from. I am finally happy with the person I see in the mirror.


What advice would you give to someone new to the PumpUp community?

  1. Love yourself at every step of your journey because you’re not turning back.
  2. Don’t compare your journey or body to somebody else’s. We are all different. It’s healthy to admire others but never compare yourself with other people because that can result in you starting unhealthy practices. Love yourself and be your own competition.

Thanks Alexis!  Cheer on Alexis in her fitness journey by following her @alexisceleste on PumpUp!