Try This Full Body Glider Workout

Looking to up the ante with your at-home workouts? Try this full body glider workout. Depending on the type of floor you have, you can use either paper plates or towels for all of these moves.

Pike Ups

Place the gliders at your feet and begin in a full plank position, making sure that your shoulders and wrists are aligned. Slide your feet toward your wrists while keeping your legs straight, then slide them back to plank.

Open Close Push-Ups


Start in a full plank position, with the gliders resting beneath the palms of your hands. Slide your hands apart until you're in a comfortable stance for a wide pushup. Lower your body down to the ground with control, push yourself back up, then return your hands to starting position.

Sliding Side Lunge

Place the glider beneath one foot. Slide the foot laterally, until you can bend your opposite knee into a side lunge. Return back to standing position. Repeat on the other side for the same number of repetitions.

In and Outs

Beginning in a full plank position with the gliders at your feet, slide your feet towards your wrists with your knees tucked. Slide them back to plank and repeat.

Plank Reaches

Place the gliders beneath your palms. While in a full plank position, slide one arm forward, then bring it back to plank. Do the same with your opposite arm and repeat.

This full body glider workout was demonstrated by PumpUp member @jatie. Follow her on Instagram @fitkatee. Check out her website: