Upper Body Dumbbell Circuit

Build strength without fancy equipment. Don't know where to start?  This upper body dumbbell circuit can be done at home or at the gym - all you'll need is a pair of dumbbells. 

  • Front Raise - 16 reps (8 per side)
  • Shoulder Press - 12 reps
  • Arnold Press - 12 reps
  • Biceps / Hammer Curl - 8 Reps
  • Planks with Shoulder Touch - 20 reps (10 per side)
  • Superman Plank - 20 reps (10 per side)
  • Planks to Push-Ups- 20 seconds

Decrease reps if need be and use whichever weight you feel comfortable with. Repeat the circuit for 3 to 4 times, taking 30 second breaks between each exercise if necessary.

Try this upper body dumbbell circuit and let us know how it goes! 
This routine was demonstrated by PumpUp member @hannahmci_. Find her on Instagram @hannabelle_fitness.