Vegan Mango Passion Fruit Smoothie

I recently created this smoothie because I was craving the summery taste of mango and passion fruit. When I first tried it, it felt like a party in my mouth. This smoothie instantly became my new favorite recipe because a) it is so tasty b) it is super refreshing and perfect for the summer and for refuelling after an exhausting workout and c) it is super quick to make.


  • 3 bananas
  • 150 g frozen mango
  • 1 passion fruit
  • 4 dates
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • Cinnamon and vanilla extract to taste
  • Hemp seed powder (optional)
  • Matcha (optional)
  • Orange juice
  • Passion fruit juice (optional)


  1. Put everything into your blender (your liquids should add up to about 200 ml).
  2. Blend.
  3. Enjoy!

This recipe was made by PumpUp member @_lis. Find her on Instagram @vegan_lis.