4 Actionable Ways To Become A Better Runner

The more I run, the more I’m in awe by the human body. With every mile, I realise that I am capable of more than I ever thought possible.

In 2012, I ran my very first mile without stopping. I’ll never forget the feeling I had when I met my first personal goal. I haven’t given up and I haven’t stopped running since, but I would be lying if I said running wasn’t a struggle for me from time to time. Whether you are running for fun, or running to improve, there are a few things that you can do to become a better runner!

Dress for Success

Don’t set yourself up for failure. My very first running shoes were Pumas. I thought that, because it was a well known brand, they were perfect. Boy was I wrong. Find shoes that offer you the right amount of support. My feet have high arches and I tend to have lower back pain, so I really needed something that offered more comfort and support like these. The right shoes can make all the difference between feeling strong and light on your feet, or feeling sluggish and heavy on your feet. Avoid injuries by asking for assistance when you go to purchase your next running shoes.

Another part of this is having the right outfit for your workout. I feel more confident and ready to conquer my run if I’m wearing something that fits my body. Kurt and I both opted for lightweight breathable material. If I’m feeling unmotivated, the fastest way to get me on my feet is to put my running gear on, even if I sit around for an hour before going. I’m already half way there and more apt to get up and get moving. I’ve never gotten fully dressed for a workout and decided not to go.

Make a Plan

If you’re the type of person who runs better with a friend, call one up! Make a plan and stick to a routine. Keep it consistent, but make sure your body is getting challenged. I find that I run harder and faster in the gym because there are people around. When I run alone I really have to push myself. If you are trying to decrease your time or increase your mileage making a plan that works for your body and mindset is the way to go.

Consistency is Key

On that note, keep it consistent! Conditioning your body to run can be difficult if you don’t keep up with it. Running two times a week is better than not running at all. If you expect to jump off the couch and run a 10K you’re going to be in for a whirlwind of surprises and maybe even some pain. Stick to a realistic training program if you want to take your running ability to the next level.

Set goals

Setting goals is one way that you can motivate yourself to stay on track. One of my goals is to become one of those people who ran 5 miles just for fun. I’m sitting at a solid 2 at the moment. To get over my mental barrier, I train on the treadmill on days when I really don’t feel like running. On days when I’m feeling more motivated, I hit the roads for a while.

I hope you found these tips helpful! Remember that food is fuel and proper form is just as important as everything mentioned above. Pay attention to how your body feels when you’re running. Knee pain should not be taken lightly and low energy during and after your run can be contributed to what you are putting in your body.

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